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Does Hair Change Due to Hormones and during Different Seasons

Nothing ever stays the same. The same goes for your hair. You may notice that your curls have changed during different seasons or perhaps during hormonal changes. The same way you treat your body, as it reacts to different foods and beverages or seasonal changes, the same way your hair would react to your treatment and changes in weather. Our hair is one of the first noticeable parts of our body that shows changes in body. If you have curly hair, you probably know this all too well. 

Sometimes your hair doesn’t signify anything related to your body, but it has gotten “a mind of its own” and probably reacts to your treatment. Always give your hair the food (the nutrition) it needs to stay healthy. Check out high-quality hair care products by Dianella. They offer unique, blueberry-packed hair care that will revive your curls back to health at any season. If you want to learn more about what changes your hair can go through and because of what reasons, keep reading this article. 


Aging changes hair and nails. You can probably guess the change affecting hair after our 30s – gray hairs. That’s because hair color depends on melanin, produced by the follicles. However, you may start to notice that it is also getting thinner, and it changes texture. Usually, as we get older, hair starts to lack certain nutrients. 

Sometimes women face an even worse change – female-pattern baldness. Although baldness is more common among men, women are also prone to such a problem. Usually, female baldness occurs when the follicles stop producing new hairs.

Besides some therapies like carboxytherapy, the choice of shampoo and conditioner can also affect hair growth. Make sure that you avoid hair products with parabens, silicones, or other toxic ingredients. Nourish your hair as you would nourish your body. 

Seasonal Changes 

Hair primarily changes in summer and winter. However, you may notice differences during spring and fall as well. It needs much more moisturization in the summer due to more sun exposure and the salt from the sea. If you go on a vacation near the ocean or other places near water, you will notice that your hair has become damp and drier than usual. If you have curly hair, it probably tangles more in the summer, and you probably notice almost blond strands of hair due to the sun exposure. 

You can easily prevent this problem by giving your hair what it needs – vitamins and nutrition. If you avoid toxic ingredients and choose high-quality hair care, you will soon notice a huge difference in the way your hair looks and feels.

Hormonal Changes 

Did you know that hormonal changes can also impact your hair? That’s because hair follicles in the scalp change shape due to different hormonal shifts in the body. For instance, your hair is curly because your hair follicles have a natural curl in the root, where your hair strands grow. 

Some women share that they don’t think their hair changes much through the different seasons. According to them, the follicle determines whether they will have curly or wavy hair. Hormonal changes can also alter the texture of your hair strands. When we go through hormonal changes in our lives, we often see a difference in our curls. With its slight curl in the follicle, curly hair can stop curving only when that slight curve changes its shape and goes straight. It could also alter the thickness of your hair because the strands’ texture will change as well. 

You may notice a loss of hair if you have a condition such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It also includes growing hairs in places that women aren’t supposed to have hair like face, chest, and chin. 


We’ve all been there. If you are currently experiencing hormonal changes due to puberty, you can notice that your hair will change as well. Some girls who have had almost straight hair as children will notice the appearance of waves or even curls. It is vital to nourish your hair through this change. Malnourished hair won’t go through those changes in a healthy way, and it might be more brittle and prone to breakage. 

It would frustrate anyone, especially a teenager. No one wants to go to school with a dull, damp hairstyle. To nourish your hair and revive it back to its natural shine, use organic products with a natural-driven formula packed with vitamins and minerals like the hair care shampoo and conditioner by Dianella. 

In Conclusion… 

You may notice differences in your hair – thickness and growth due to different factors such as hormonal changes and seasons. However, there are ways to prevent hair loss, and you can revive your hair to its natural growth not only with a good diet or therapy, but you can also help your hair with hair care natural ingredients that nourish your hair strands. 

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