Does ENT surgeon perform a rhinoplasty nose surgery?


You might be aware that your nose plays a vital role in the general appearance of the face. You must give a thought to what will happen if your nose is out of proportion and how to get it treated? And who will help to get it treated? Such are the questions that go through the mind of people. You must understand that if your nose is out of proportion in any way, it can easily cast off the face’s symmetry. Rhinoplasty is a surgical method that helps to change the nose’s shape and size while also maintaining its function. Nowadays, people are knowledgeable about the benefits of rhinoplasty. Still, they are unsure of whom to choose for this surgical procedure, namely rhinoplasty – whether they should choose a plastic surgeon, an ENT, or a facial plastic surgeon.

People are still having confusion about who does rhinoplasty. Individuals who do not like the nose’s shape and size may also have functional issues such as breathing. You can choose a general plastic surgeon to perform the rhinoplasty, but it may not always be the reasonable choice, especially if it relates to functional rhinoplasty.

You must understand that a general plastic surgeon or an ENT performs rhinoplasty. An ENT who deals with ear, nose, and throat issues is a specialist who can treat or operate on the ear, nose, and throat. An ENT undergoes extensive training and has more rhinoplasty experience since their focus remains more on facial plastic surgery.

Understanding nose surgery 

If you want to improve your nose’s shape, size, and angle, you can undergo nose surgery. Nose surgery helps people who are not happy with their nose by altering its shape and moving unwanted elements from the patient’s face. Any surgeon can indeed perform nose surgery, but to everyone’s surprise, an ENT specialist who gets specialized in facial cosmetic surgery can perform this task better. You may consult a good ENT on

Who is an ENT specialist?

An ENT specializes in everything having to do with ears, nose, and throat. An ENT undergoes years of education and experience before becoming a specialist in nose surgery. They are the physicians trained to treat patients with disorders of the throat and nose and related neck and head structures. Their skill includes diagnosing the upper pharynx, larynx, voice box, sinuses, oral cavity, and some face and neck structures.

Surgical approaches to rhinoplasty

There are mainly two surgical rhinoplasty approaches: the closed technique, endonasal, and the open system, also known as external.

Endonasal approach

All the surgical incision in this approach goes inside the nostrils. One of the benefits of this technique is that no part of the incision remains visible externally, so there is no visible scar. This approach gets associated with some technical limits and challenges. However, after some time of healing; swelling, and changes might occur.

External rhinoplasty

In this approach, an ENT makes a bridging cut known as a trans-columellar cut to attach the left and right nostril incisions. In this approach, there is a negligible distraction of nose cartilage. There is also no disturbance to the most individual components of the nasal skeleton. 

This approach results in visible scarring, but as the surgeon has complete visibility during the nose’s reshaping, this approach is more accurate and useful.

If you have decided to get nose surgery then, you should wisely choose an ENT. You must discuss it with your doctor about the problems that you are facing and the outcome that you desire after the treatment. Cosmetic surgery is considered not only a science but also an art. Success depends much on the teamwork of you and your doctor to achieve dramatically beautiful results. If you want the most significant rhinoplasty results, you should find the best ENT surgeon for your nose surgery.

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