Do You Know How Wood Stoves Work?


Looking for some winter firewood? You might want to try to find a wood stove. They are a great way to eliminate the dead tree in your backyard, and plenty are around. Some wood stoves also heat homes, making them not just for the outdoors. Wood stoves use the heat generated by burning wood to warm a dwelling. Let’s know a few details about wood stoves.

Types of Wood Stoves

Before searching wood stoves for sale, you need to know their type. The most popular wood stoves are the ones that burn wood pellets, wood chips, or firewood. 

  • Catalytic Wood Stoves

Catalytic wood stoves use a catalytic combustor (also called catalyst, catalyzer, or catalytic converter). It uses a hood to pull smoke and unburned hydrocarbons (H.C.) out of the firebox. Then, oxygen and propane mix with these gasses. 

An electric spark or flame ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber, then burns at a very high temperature. The high heat powers the engine that drives the fan in the hood to pull more oxygen in through vents in the front face of some wood stoves.

  • Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

These wood stoves are inexpensive and therefore plentiful in homes. They lack a catalytic combustor, so they burn wood at a low temperature. It makes all the byproducts of burning wood (like smoke and hydrocarbons) stay in the house as you’re trying to heat it.

What Is The Most Efficient Type Of Wood Stove?

The most efficient type of wood stove is the catalytic wood stove. They may cost a little more, but you will see the benefits of reduced fuel usage and increased heating capabilities.

A non-catalytic wood stove may cost less but will cause you to spend more on fuel throughout the winter. Catalytic stoves are designed to burn cleaner, using smaller amounts of fuel while producing fewer emissions and pollutants. They can also be adjusted so that they burn more efficiently.

How To Maintain a Wood Stove?

Wood stoves are not maintenance-free. You have to be very careful in caring for it. Before you light a fire, clean the glass and wood stove pipe of ash and soot. Ash will accumulate on the glass over time and reduce heating efficiency. So, remove ash and soot regularly with a soft brush or vacuum. 

You may want to remove the ash pan below the grates and clean it. Pay attention to how much wood you add because too much may smother the fire or burn poorly, while too little will cause cold spots throughout your home.

How Much Does A Quality Wood Stove Cost?

The cost of a wood stove may vary in price and quality. The average cost of a good-quality wood stove is around $1500 to $5000. You can ask local dealers or reputable companies to have them appraise your current home and its current heating costs.

Final Words

The wood stove is a popular heating source for homes. It gives people warmth and comfort, especially during cold days and nights. They are an effective way to heat a home during the winter months. Although, experts recommend that you have it inspected at least twice a year for safety and efficiency purposes.

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