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Do dry cleaners clean all clothes?

You might already be familiar with the term dry cleaning. Generally, we opt for this procedure of cleaning the clothes when the fabric is not that capable of withstanding standard dryer and washer. That somewhat defines what the process is capable of.

However, if you have not yet tried out this process yet, you might be wondering that do dry cleaners clean all clothes or not. Well, let us first state that you are not the only one thinking like that. Most of the people that think about dry cleaning their clothes usually ask themselves the same question.

Nevertheless, you have stumbled upon the right source to get the answer that you seek. We have enough experience with the process, and we have tested a lot of clothes with different types of fabrics. And we are here to share what we have learned from your experience and testing.

How Does Dry Cleaning Actually Work?

We know that you are here for the effectiveness of the process. Well, you can know about that to a degree if you know how the process actually works. For that reason, we have decided to give you a brief idea about the commercial dry cleaning process. The process is as stated:

Step 1: Garment Tagging

First and foremost, the professional cleaners will tag the items with an identification number. Usually, it will paper tags. However, many will opt for an iron-on-strip for the regular items.

Step 2: Inspection

Before the cleaning process, the items are thoroughly inspected. This inspection is generally done for the items that might be left in the pockets. The process also checks for tears, rips, and missing buttons. It also goes through the items to find out if there are any permanent stains on the surface or not.

Step 3: Pre-treatment of the Stains

After the inspection, if the cleaner finds any stains, they pre-treat them. The thing that will accelerate the process would be to let the cleaner know what caused the stain in the first place. Also, in this process, the cleaner will go through the process of removing or covering the delicate buttons. They might even trim it.

Step 4: Dry Clean

Once the rest of the factors are assured, the cleaner will make the clothing go through the dry cleaning process. And in this process, the soiled clothes are first cleaned using a water-free chemical solvent. That solvent does most of the work of loosening up the soils from the surface.

After that, the solution would be filtered, drained, and recycled. Then the clothing will be rinsed by using a fresh solvent. That will clean off most of the remaining soils that might be on the surface after the first wash.

Step 5: Post Spotting

As the process works exceptionally well in taking away the clothing’s oil-based stains, the clothes come out mostly clean. However, some of the stains might not be removed entirely. For that reason, the cleaners opt for the post-spotting process.

In this process, the cleaner will treat stains again. But this time, it will be with water, steam, or vacuum cleaner. The remaining traces of the stains will be out of the surface.

Step 6: Finishing Process

Now that the stains are off the surface, the next step would be to make the clothing ready to be worn. The cleaner will go through the extensive process of steaming the surface. Some will even go further and press out the wrinkles from the top. Also, the cleaner will reattach the buttons that were probably taken out.

Does Dry Cleaning Really Work?

As you can see from the process of dry cleaning, it does work when it comes to removing the stains from the surface. However, it does not perform that well in the case of removing odor. And generally, it is ideal for relatively sensitive clothing.

Professional Clothes Cleaners Near Me

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Dry Cleaners in My Area

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Final Words

Now that you have gone through the entire article, hopefully, you have found the answer to your of do dry cleaners clean all clothes. That being said, if you were looking for a quality dry cleaning service, we would recommend checking the service that we have recommended.

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