Different types of flooring materials


For those who think that they are going to build a new house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช or are thinking of replacing the old floor coverings. and lived in this house for a long time You should read this article first to help understand when choosing flooring materials for your new home. or change the original floor There are many types of flooring materials. The author in bringing knowledge of each type of material to read together. The details are as follows.

real wood

Solid Wood Flooring is naturally real wood. There are many types according to the tree species, for example, oak, ash, maple, teak, tabaek, macha, redwood, and others. the natural color of that type of wood For example, oak is yellow. The color of beech wood is orange. Maple wood will be off-white and walnut will be brown, etc. If we talk about the durability of the wood. It depends on the type of wood whether it is hardwood or softwood.

Real wood flooring gives a natural beauty. Can be painted in a variety of colors, with beautiful natural wood grain, light dark color, alternating with nature. can not be determined But the surface may not be strong and durable compared to the material. laminate flooring However, real wood floors can be sanded and repainted several times. When the surface is scratched after use After polishing the paint out will get wood like new again

But if customers want to install real wood flooring at a lower cost At present, there is an innovation of Engineer Wood Flooring, which is a process of real wood. coordinate with rubber wood to reduce production costs and save wood resources Because engineer wood It is real wood that has a surface about 3-4 millimeters slid out and is combined with another 10 millimeters of rubber wood, resulting in a wood with a thickness of 13-14 millimeters. that Even a hardwood floor expert can’t tell if it’s solid or engineered wood. Plus engineered wood floors There are also features that stand out better than real wood floors, that is, no need to scrub and paint at the job site. Because the surface of the engineered wood floor Has been UV coated from the factory, so when the installation is complete can be used now and the surface of the engineered wood floor It is also very durable.

Rubber Tile (Vinyl Tile)

At present, rubber tiles have developed a variety of patterns. And the most popular nowadays is the wood-patterned rubber tile. Which is produced to imitate real wood flooring and replace laminate flooring. Because rubber tiles are made of PVC material, they are resistant to water and moisture. The rubber tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. In the past, rubber tiles were mostly installed in hospitals. But at present, rubber tiles have been developed to be more beautiful and are becoming more widespread in both office buildings and residences.

At present, rubber tiles are available in many sizes, both wood-patterned and bare-cemented, such as 2,3 and 4 millimeters in thickness. Adjusting the level to be smooth by polishing it will make the installation effect look beautiful. Because rubber tiles size 2 and 3 mm. are quite thin, installed by applying glue. If the level is not smooth The ground is clearly wavy. This problem will be eliminated in rubber tiles with a thickness of 4 mm or more. Because the rubber tile floor size 4 mm. or more will be a tongue material. Installed with click lock system without the need for glue at all It is a floating floor similar to the installation of laminate flooring. But do not need to use the foam underlayment film before installing the rubber tile floor. After the installation is complete Must be waxed and polished often to have a shine.

Waterproof wood flooring or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

waterproof wooden floor There are components made of wood fiber and PVC by double-floor waterproof flooring. The width of the face is 9 inches and the length is 1.40 meters per sheet. The surface is a realistic wood pattern with the Registered Emboss innovation, which is the production of patterns on the surface of the waterproof wood floor to have a realistic texture or pattern. And there are up to 8 colors to choose from. Another outstanding feature is Double-floor waterproof flooring is backed with black foam, resulting in a total thickness of up to 7 mm., soft to the touch, looks beautiful and modern. It can be installed in place of the original laminate flooring. without having to worry about water and humidity anymore Many customers renovate local and condo rooms for rent. By turning to choose waterproof wood flooring more because waterproof wood flooring is a durable, beautiful material. Make the room look expensive and do not have to dismantle and renovate the floor after the tenant’s contract has expired often due to the same problems. is the wooden floor swelled from moisture and water


Carpet is a flooring material that is not very popular nowadays. due to dust trap properties And there is an unpleasant smell when used for a long time. It is also a good place for fungi. And other allergens are quite difficult to clean and old quickly, so it can be seen that most hotels gradually Remove the old carpet and install it with other materials instead. most popular Seen to be the material of laminate flooring, real wood flooring, and followed by rubber tiles.

Ceramic floor (Ceramic)

or tiled floor, the installation cost is quite high because it has to be poured cement and grout. In addition, good quality tiles and beautiful patterns are also expensive. The tile has cold storage properties. therefore not suitable for homes with adults living due to the cold on the floor Not good for the ankles of family members. In addition, tiles or ceramics are heavy. Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose a material to renovate the upper floors of a building or condominium. It is not built to support the proper weight. In addition, tile materials are difficult to repair. because of the installation with mortar therefore had to be cracked off causing widespread damage Sleeping on the leg is still a problem. The grout can loosen when it has been used for a while.

Laminate Flooring

Strengths of flooring materials Laminate flooring is a price that is several times cheaper than real wood flooring and the use of laminate flooring also reduces deforestation. with cheaper laminate flooring but also feel natural like real wood flooring This makes laminate flooring very popular in many developed countries. including in our country as well We will see many laminate flooring materials in many industries, such as condominiums, apartments, detached houses, townhomes, twin houses in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls. government agency or even in the factory itself Laminate floors are also widely used. In addition, the service life of laminate flooring is also ten years long.

The fast but durable installation of laminate flooring has made laminate flooring the staple of all flooring materials for decades. even now Laminate flooring is also widely used. And more and more because today laminate flooring has been developed to be strong, durable, termite resistant and moisture as well. at a much more economical price

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