Different Medical Schools That Are Accepted In Canada


For people who did not perform well in their GPA and MCAT exams, taking a medical course from the Caribbean medical schools in Canada would be the best idea. This is mainly for students who do not want to change their residency and carry out clinical expertise after graduating. There is a list of Caribbean medical schools recognized in Canada administered by the association of American medical colleges. See more details to be informed on different facts regarding these medical schools.

St. George Medical School

This health institution has been regarded as the largest source of professional doctors who treat patients in more than 50 countries. The university equips the learners with enough skills to handle different health conditions, making it recognized as such.SGM offers various medical programs to ensure that they suffice all the programs necessary. St George medical school also offers a research program to the students to surpass the required grade after the examination. This institution is one of the Caribbean medical schools that provide the students with funding that is negotiated during admission of the learner.

AUC Medical School

By offering anatomy, histology, and cell biology, the American University of Caribbean school of medicine is well known in the health industry. Canadian residents should consider applying to this institution since it is favorable to both learners in the United States and the United Kingdom. Different technology facilities make the university stand out from the rest;

  1. Advanced lecture halls
  2. Clinical patient examination rooms
  3. Fitness center
  4. Cafeteria
  5. Fully equipped anatomic dissection laboratory
  6. Applied research laboratory

Saba’s university school of medicine

Approved by different medical boards, the Saba University of Medicine has been considered favorable for applicants. The applicants from Canada are required to have a minimum of three years for undergraduate studies. Most of the students take organic and inorganic chemistry. The fee structure differs with the different programs as well as the department that the learner chooses. Canadian students are required to apply for loans through the ministry of education.

Ross University

The Ross University has been regarded as one of the most traditional institutions in training physicians from different departments. For some students, there requires a residential matching requirement to qualify for the applications. The institution is accredited therefore making it open and accessible for the students to seek loans.

American University of Antigua

The institution is considered the best by most learners since it offers scholarship opportunities to learners. The university provides the best accommodation to the students for the on and off learners. The school offers the best training in pathology, physiology, and pharmacy. The student funding is provided in rotational to ensure that all the students are financially catered for at best. The learners are allowed to use their skills before they are initially admitted to the proposed workstations.

There are different types of Caribbean medical schools offering a variety of medical practices. Governed by various authorities that manage schools, every learner gets the learning opportunity at other applications.

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