Desklab Portable Monitor – Three Things You Should Know


In the era of advanced technology, multi-purposeful gadgets are nothing we haven’t seen –smartphones and tablets do a great job at multitasking. But recently, we’re witnessing the rise of portable monitors – devices that can rival powerful PCs in performance. Today’s portable monitors come with computer-like specs and can replace dual monitor setups.

One such monitor worth the mention is DLab. Arguably the best portable monitor on the market, DLab is praised for its industry-leading specs and sleek design.

Discover three things you should know about this lightweight touchscreen monitor.

1. It’s Packed With Top Notch Specs

The DLab monitor has all of the latest specs. Starting from the Ultra-HD 4K resolution monitor with LED backlighting, this gadget can satisfy even the most demanding graphic designers and gamers.

The built-in dual hi-fi speakers eliminate the need for additional speakers and offer an immersive, high-quality stereo sound for relaxed movie sessions or gaming.

Thanks to its universal compatibility, you can connect it to virtually any device. With two USB-C, an HDMI, a micro-USB, and a 3.5mm jack, your Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, or another device of any operating system will connect seamlessly.

The Plug and Play technology delivers instant connectivity across devices – just plug in the device to the monitor and it will display the content right away. No installation needed!

The ultra-responsive touchscreen leaves plenty of room for detailed photo editing and gaming, with the ability to use all 10 fingers.

2. Offers Unparalleled Gaming Experience

PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox fans will be happy to learn that they can stream their games to DLab. There’s no need for super-expensive TVs – any game you play can now be experienced through 4K.

Gamers often spend a lot on dual-monitor setups to gain an edge. This monitor has got you covered at a fraction of the price. It’s possible to browse the web, look for walkthroughs, or chat without affecting your gaming experience on the main screen.

The DLab monitor is also great for mobile gamers. Imagine switching from a 6-to-7-inch screen to a 15-inch one and boosting your performance up several notches. Also, playing on a broader screen is better for the eyes.

3. Extremely Versatile and Mobility-Friendly

Many people have started working from home over the past year. This means more flexibility, though it’d require the right equipment. DLab is built with flexibility and mobility in mind. Wherever you go, the monitor can follow.

This gadget is ultralight by any measure. Measuring just over one pound and 6mm thick, the 15.6-inch display can fit just about any backpack.

Plus, it’s great as part of a dual-monitor setup as used at the office. This can enable worker productivity to stay as high as possible.

And whenever you’re tired of working on the kitchen desk, you can take your workstation to the bed, the beach, or a nearby coffee shop.

It’s incredible how some devices can facilitate work, which the DLab monitor does big time.

DLab – Portable Monitor That Has It All

With DLab, it looks like the future is here. This monitor boasts the sort of top-notch specs any gamer and graphic designer would want. All of the features in an ultra-lightweight, minimalist design show why this is arguably the best portable monitor on the market.

You can learn more about DLab by visiting the official website

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