Acne is a common skin concern, that impacts the majority of people. It is frustrating and painful to deal with acne. Even after the breakout is over, it leaves behind the battle scars. These battle scars of acne can be difficult to get rid of. Hyperpigmentation and acne scars can also impact the confidence of a person. There are multiple products available in the market that targets acne scar. They aren’t always enough. A laser acne scar removal Toronto can target them from the depth and help to regenerate skin. We are here to tell you how the treatment works.

What is AFT?

Advanced Fluorescence Technology, also known as AFT is the next generation of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) lased technology. This laser treatment works to improve the texture, tone and appearance of the skin. It has minimal downtime associated. AFT laser treatment can target various concerns like acne scarring or any other scar. This laser works by penetrating the deep layers of the skin and raising the dermal temperature. It enables one to even out the previous uneven skin by generating the production of collagen. Through AFT, you can achieve a smooth skin texture.

What happens during the treatment?

Before beginning the laser treatment, a topical painkiller is given. This will help to ensure that you are comfortable during the treatment. Most patients find the treatment to be tolerable. If you want, you can resume your routine immediately after the treatment. The healing process takes time. It takes about 3 to 5 days for the skin to begin the rejuvenation and resurfacing process.

How long do the results last?

The acne scars that have been removed through the AFT laser treatment will be gone permanently. These results are permanent as long as there is no active acne. Another breakout can increase the possibility of new scar formation. If this happens, you will require more laser treatments. You need to take active steps to ensure that no breakout happens. A consultation with the doctor can help you build a skincare regime. You must follow it religiously to prevent future breakouts.

Is AFT the most effective acne scar treatment?

Ideal acne scar treatment is dependent on the depth of the acne scar. The most effective treatment is the CO2 laser, especially when the scars are very deep and there is stubborn hyperpigmentation.

Can one undergo laser treatment when there is active acne?

For one to undergo any laser treatment, there must be no breakouts or active acne. It has to be managed before going ahead with the treatment. Undergoing treatment with active acne will only increase the chances of scarring. Hence, it won’t make any sense to go ahead with the treatment.

How many treatment sittings are required?

The number of treatment sittings required is dependent on the laser treatment and the concern. During the treatment planning, the surgeon will inform you of the number of sittings required. When undergoing CO2 laser, often one treatment is enough.

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