CS:GO Betting in 2021: Future Prospects


The year 2020 has changed everything. It’s hard to find a sphere of life that wouldn’t be affected by the global pandemic and all the related events. The traditional sports sector suffered too, while its esports counterparts got a second life. How is it possible? How did it happen?

The range of esports is incredibly big. CS:GO is considered to be one of the most prominent representatives of the online video gaming sector. With its huge army of fans all over the world, CS:GO has always been a major success. In 2020, the situation got even better.

Due to the pandemic, many CS:GO tournaments had to be canceled. This was a big shock for managers and participants. The CS:GO competitive calendar had to be updated with most events rescheduled for the next year. To reduce short and long-term losses and keep the season afloat, the CS:GO developers moved some events into an online format. While this meant plenty of events for CS:GO bookmakers to cover, it also made things more challenging for third-party event organizers.

While the schedule updates resulted in an overwhelming workload, CS:GO betting at https://csgobettingz.com/ and other platforms has gained even more attention. People who had to stay at home and deal with the burden of lockdown found CS:GO as a worthy entertainment spot. No need to say that CS:GO experienced a rapid increase in revenues despite additional expenses.

CS:GO Betting Expectations

The major thing about 2020 was the lack of competitive international campaigns as well as a Major Championship. Online events were the only place to enjoy your favorite game and to be real with you. The CS:GO audience was fine with this fact because there was no way they were getting a proper LAN event.

Well, things are likely to return to normal. And CS:GO betting will most likely keep strengthening its market positions in 2021.

Profits Made from LAN Events

The return of LAN events is surely the major dream for most CS:GO fans. While online events happen to be a good alternative, they can’t replace the real emotions experienced in live. It doesn’t mean though that the online gaming and betting will slow down their development. Their audience has already grown up drastically, so there is no way back.

More Competitiveness

The return of LAN events will contribute to an extra level of competitiveness. Online events in 2020 were divided into regions, depending on the countries and continents. NA and EU were the major competitive areas. But things couldn’t be the same without the NA vs. EU fights.

Well, the audience seems to become more tolerant of the CS:GO events. With or without a live presence, CS:GO fans want to enjoy their favorite gaming adventure in any available format. The last thing they want is the cancellation of tournaments. After all, an electric audience does mean a lot to the game organizers.

Franchising Possibilities?

The world has already seen the start of a semi-franchised system with the Flashpoint and ESL Pro League changes. It’s not a secret that things could spiral out of control in 2021. There are a lot of positive esports franchising examples all across the world. So, it’s probably a matter of time before Valve manages to address the peer pressure and start discussing proper moves to make their FPS project even stronger. After all, this is a great opportunity for the company to enhance its profits and expand its audience. CS:GO, as a top video game, has an endless potential whether it comes to gaming or betting endeavors. All we can do is to keep watching the things going on in the CS:GO community and around it.

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