Create an Online Microsoft Access Database using the Cloud


After you have created a Microsoft Access Database to assist in running your company or foundation but as your business develops you need to share it with employees or co-workers. Also, you might need to share it with associates at different departments or with volunteers and remote workers, perhaps you want to operate it from home, or a client’s office.

There are various methods by which you can share your Microsoft Access Online apps, and the appropriate method for you will depend on your conditions and requirements. Let us look into how you can share the Access database online for the cheapest price. It implies that you can work on your online Access database without making any code modifications to your app.

Licensing to share.

Primarily let us look into licenses. Microsoft license Access as an element of Office Professional or you can have it as a separate product, and you could give it to all users for them to work on Access. Yet, Microsoft gives a Free Runtime version of Access, indicating no licenses are needed for a majority of your users.

To use Runtime, it is necessary to divide your database, rearranging it into two different files. You also have the database tables in the back-end and all the other elements such as reports, forms, and queries in the front-end. Every user has their copy of the Runtime front-end database all linking to a common back-end database.

Purpose of the cloud.

Where to put the database so everyone can have access to it? This is where the cloud comes into use. A Cloud Hosted Desktop like Citrix Cloud will provide you your personal dedicated server assembled on high specification support in a highly secured data center, backed up, supported, and managed by the provider. The database and Runtime files are created on the server and by using remote desktop services all your users can get access to work on your shared Access database with internet-connected devices like Windows, iPad, Mac, or Android.

Every user has an icon on their PC screen for the online Access database app, but the app opens on the hosted server. The only element that gets up and down the Internet are the mouse clicks, screen refreshes, and keyboard presses. Several users can operate the application on a generic broadband connection. By visiting this site you can know about LMS for Non-profits

Hence, you can add as many of your users as you desire from all separate sites operating your Access database app, you do not require any on-site support apart from a broadband connection. You also do not require any recoding in the app or have complicated network systems to share Access database applications online. There is no monetary investment needed at all only a basic monthly operating expense to pay for the hosting services.

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