Crazy Things You Can Do Using Washi Tape


Washi tape is a versatile and inexpensive craft supply that can be used for a variety of projects. You can use it for simple projects such as creating a post-it note or simple garland. You can also use it to decorate corkboards and add colour to walls.

Create a post-it note

A fun way to decorate a planner is to use washi tape to add decorative elements. Washi tape is a Japanese design that is easily accessible at craft stores and hobby stores, as well as online. This type of tape is reusable and can be removed easily. Besides being decorative, washi tape is also useful for planning. It can be used to make colorful side indexes or decorate the edges of pages.

Washi tape comes in a variety of colors and can be used to highlight different parts of your planner. It can also be used to cover the corners of printed photos, highlight responsibilities or events, or decorate a page or cover. The versatility of washi tape makes it a versatile tool for planning and many other creative projects.

Washi tape is a unique type of tape that provides endless possibilities. It comes in a variety of patterns and designs, and is a nice alternative to duct tape. One example is the Knaid Phoenix Reborn Gold Foil Washi Tape Set, which features a gold foil finish and incredible details. It is also made of high-quality washi paper.

Make a simple garland

If you’re in the mood for a simple Christmas decoration, washi tape is a great choice. This versatile tape can be used in a variety of crafts. You can also use it to decorate a pot. You can make a simple garland by folding strips of washi tape over a piece of baker’s twine, securing one edge to the other. Make sure the strips are of the same length and have pointed ends.

Washi tape can be used to make a simple garland for your Christmas tree or on your walls. It’s also useful for decorating your phone chargers, as you can use washi tape to color code them! Alternatively, you can use washi tape to make your keys unique by applying a different colored piece to the base. Trim the strips with a craft knife.

Another great way to use washi tape is to make bookmarks. This DIY idea is perfect for those of us who are constantly late for meetings! You can use it to mark your travel dates or keep track of time. You can even make a washi tape clock using old Scrabble tiles.

Decorate a corkboard

Whether you want to add a colorful accent to a corkboard, or just want to make it more interesting, washi tape can be your secret weapon. It comes in hundreds of patterns and colors, and you can easily cut and tear it by hand. It is also biodegradable and easily recycled.

To decorate a cork board with washi tape, first, lay the board out horizontally. Then, using a ruler, mark out five equal columns and place washi tape at three-half-inch intervals. Then, place another strip of washi tape two inches down from the top. Then, stick colored Post-it notes or pushpins on the lines.

Another fun way to decorate a corkboard is by using fabric. Choose a color that is eye-catching. If possible, choose patterned fabric. It will add a more pleasing look. You can even add embellishments and other decor elements to customize the board.

You can also use washi tape to decorate your calendar! It is the perfect width for colour-coding days and events. It is also useful to decorate clothes pegs.

Add colour to walls

Washi tape is a simple way to bring colour to your walls at an affordable price. This versatile tape is available in a range of colours and patterns. It can be used for all sorts of DIY projects, from creating patterned paper to decorating furniture. Washi tape can also be used to make plain items, like plain lampshades, look much prettier.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your walls without the cost and time of painting and wallpapering, try adding a washi tape gallery to one of your walls. Whether you want to brighten up a dark hallway or brighten up a kitchen doorway, this simple technique can bring colour and pattern to any space.

Washi tape also works well on other surfaces, like lampshades and storage boxes. You can easily replace boring lampshades or storage boxes with a funky washi tape design without having to change your decor. For example, if you have a red washi tape, try changing it to green washi tape to give your furniture a new look.

Washi tape can also be used to mask off shapes. You can double up the tape and loop it around the shape you want to decorate. This will act like double-sided sticky tape and be easier to remove later. Just make sure that the washi tape you stick to your walls is stuck to the white area.

Personalize notebooks

Use washi tape to personalize notebooks in a variety of ways. You can use it to cover pages and dividers, or you can use it to adorn other materials, such as pens. Washi tape is flexible and easy to fold into place. You can even use it to cover up mistakes in headers.

Another creative use for washi tape is to personalize post-it notes. They can be used to cover up mistakes and private information. You can also use them to add drawings. Regardless of how you choose to decorate your notebook, washi tape will add personality to it. And since washi tape comes in a variety of colors, you can use it to personalize any notebook.

Washi tape is a versatile and inexpensive way to personalize notebooks. The tape comes in a wide variety of designs and colors and can be used on a variety of pages, including calendar pages, planning pages, and more. You can even color code your pages to organize them. Washi tape is also a great way to hold down items and showcase them.

Besides notebook covers, washi tape can also be used on pencils. You can make pencil holders and pen loops with washi tape.

Make a chore jar

If you have little kids, you can make a chore chart with washi tape, magnetic strips, and dry erase markers. You can even create rows and columns by attaching magnets to the board. The board can be reused many times, and the washi tape is easily removable. For younger children, you can even use photos to make the chart.

Washi tape comes in an amazing variety of colors and designs. You can also use it to decorate books, computer monitors, and walls. It is also great for wrapping pens and highlighting important dates in your planner. It is non-toxic and won’t damage your walls or furniture.

Another way to create a chore chart is to make a chore chart with a Cricut machine. First, create a custom design for the chart. Next, transfer it onto a sheet of metal. After that, use magnets to represent the various chores. You can also customize the chore chart with your child’s favorite characters or animals.

Make a washi tape monogram

A washi tape monogram is a great way to personalize your baby’s nursery. Using inexpensive card stock, you can create a monogram by covering it with strips of washi tape, making sure to overlap the sides of the letters. Once the tape is dry, trim away any excess with a craft knife and mount the monogram on a second piece of cardstock.

The washi tape is easily stained by lead and ink, so it’s important to reverse the alphabet. To make this project easier, you can use a projector to project the image onto the wall. Then, use a crafting knife to cut strips of tape outside the outline. This technique is much cheaper than purchasing a large vinyl decal.

You can also use washi tape to cover an old photo frame. The washi tape can be applied to any shape, including a cardboard frame. The width of the tape should be slightly narrower than the width of the frame, so it will fit well. Also, be sure to avoid rubbing the washi tape with your fingers, as this can damage it.

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