COVID-19 and Mental Health


The current challenges brought about by kovin 19 for people all around the globe are unparalleled and have caused fear, anxiety and uncertainty for so many of us. We are all going through this together and it’s.

Important to understand that you’re, not alone in how you’re feeling right now, and that there are practical, healthy ways to cope with these emotions. The kovat 19 pandemic has created unprecedented change and a need for a response from everyone.

Around the globe, many of us are worried about our loved ones and our livelihoods, and there is no one right way to cope with what we’re experiencing. Remember, however, you’re feeling there are others that feel the same.

You are not alone, here are a few voices of people struggling to cope during this time. Some days I’m. Okay, I am doing my best to adjust, but yesterday I couldn’t, stop crying. This all just seems so unfair and I feel so angry that this is happening to us.

I’m, struggling to care for my kids and work from home. At the same time, and I’m worried about my parents, health. I watched the news and it just seems so hopeless I don’t know how to keep it together. yingpla is very interesting among the all over the world.

I feel so lost and sad. So much has changed. I used to have dinner every week with my family, but now I can’t, be in the same room with them. I really missed them. I’m missing out on my prom and my graduation.

I’ve literally been looking forward to these things. My whole life and I’m heartbroken with everything going on now. I just can’t stop my thoughts and physically. My chest hurts and I can’t breathe. I get nauseous thinking about what could happen to my family and my friends before this happened.

I used to worry all the time about getting sick now that worry has turned into absolute terror. My heart races. Every time I have to go to the store, what if I bring germs home with me, I can’t, stop washing my hands, no matter how exhausted I am. 

I sleep a still tear and just keep picturing all the things that could possibly happen. When I ever get a good night’s, sleep again, I’ve, been through so much already. I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with this.

My flashbacks are getting worse and, worse honestly, I feel like I’m more comfortable in times of crisis. I’m, not sure why I don’t feel as upset as everyone else does right now I don’t know when or if everything is going to get back to normal.

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, how many people are going to be affected? What does this mean for me and my family? We’ve, just heard some of the ways people are being affected by the Cova xix situation.

Here are some things that are helpful in building resilience during times of crisis and intense stress. There are a lot of things outside of our control right now, which can be scary. By focusing on the things we can control, we can refuel ourselves and become more grounded and able to focus and cope with all of the things we can’t control.

One of the most important actions within your control is to follow CDC guidelines to reduce your chance of being exposed or passing the virus on to others use social support. No one should go through this alone.

There is absolutely no shame and talking about what you’re, going through with your friends and family, and it’s, important to be there, for others to video chat and phone calls are a great way to stay connected, prioritize self-care.

Staying on a regular schedule, exercising eating a healthy diet, keeping a sleep routine and taking time to meditate or pray are all important. Now, more than ever be gentle with yourself. During times like this, you will have good days and bad days. Check out

Your emotions are most likely heightened at this time. Try not to compare your life to what you see on your friends, social media feeds. There is always more going on behind screens helping others can bring joy and gratification do what you can to help others, even if it’s, something as simple as lending an ear or making someone smile be kind to the people around you, especially the Folks, who are still out working to ensure we all have what we need if each day feels like an uphill battle, it may help to seek out professional support to continue helping during this time of social distancing, many mental health providers are using telemental health in their Practice, if you can’t afford therapy or need to talk to someone right away. Click here if you are looking for the best online psychic readings: top 5 most accurate psychics

You can call the Suicide Prevention lifeline 24 hours a day at one, eight hundred two, seven, three, eight two, five five! You are not alone in how you are feeling there are things you can do and resources you can use to cope during this challenging time check out our library for more videos to learn more about mental health, dealing with isolation and ways to cope.

We’re all in this together

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