Could ED medications reduce colorectal cancer risk?


Recent studies and medical researchers have concluded that the use of potent PDE- 5 hormones inhibiting ED oral pills can have something more beneficial in them apart from helping you to get harder erections. 

Yes, recent studies based on several types of research concluded have summarized that the use of the ED oral pills can also help you to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. 

Generic substances within the pills such as Sildenafil Kamagra 100 which is popular by the brand name of Viagra and some others in the market can help you to prevent the risk of colorectal cancer. 

Studies suggest that when there is an increase of cGMP hormone in the blood that automatically results due to the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones can help you to reduce the risks of inflammation that results with prevention from colorectal cancer getting even more severe while also reducing the chances of fatality. 

Will the use of ED medicines like Viagra reduce your risk of colorectal cancer?

The studies based on which the council of doctors and medical experts have summarized their observations state that the results were quite encouraging for further studies in this field after conducting the experiments in mice. 

Initially, it was found that higher amounts of cGMP hormone can help you to reduce the inflammatory changes thus reducing the risk of cancer.

Although an initial trial has also been run on humans based on a backdated case study the results are worth mentioning here. 

The experiment conducted was based on past data. 

Among the men who were suffering from colorectal cancer and even with ED at the same time and using ED drugs like Super kamagra or potent PDE-5 hormone inhibitors, the percentage of death rate was low compared to those who were not suffering from ED. 

Can you use ED medicines as a form of treatment or a cure for colorectal cancer?

The initial result shows that there has been an almost 7-10 % reduction in the death rate among ED patients who were using potent PDE-5 hormone inhibitor drugs such as ED pills containing generic substances like Tadalafil Vidalista. 

You can see it both as a reduction in the death rate and even scientists are saying that there is something more to it. 

In a more detailed study, it has been found that the cancerous cells start mutating as soon as they enter the body of the infected person. 

But due to the higher amounts of cGMP hormone, the cancerous cells are not able to mutate and replicate and thus they eventually die. 

What this essentially means is that your tumors don’t turn from a benign form to a malignant form. This also helps to check the growth of cancer to the other body parts and thus your instance of cancer does not turn severe. 

What are the studies that exemplify that you can use ED medicines to cure your colorectal cancer?

Initially, there was a study conducted on the mice that showed a straight almost 50% reduction in the death rate of mice. 

The experiment conducted on mice indicated that administering ED drugs to the mice developed a protein chain called PDE-5A that prevented the growth of a tumor and checked its viciousness. 

This excited the scientists to conducted human trials. 

The experiment or the trial was conducted over humans and their health was being observed for a long time. The scientists had divided the humans into two sets.

Those with ED and having ED drugs or generic Sildenafil cenforce variants and ones that don’t have ED and do not use ED drugs. 

Eventually, over the longer course of time, it was seen that there was close to a 10% reduction in the death rate in those people who were using ED drugs to cure ED while also suffering from colorectal cancer. 

The chances of premature death were also reduced by an even greater percentage at close to 20%. This was the first time that such an experiment had been conducted on humans to see the effects of the ED drugs on preventing colorectal cancer.  

How does the use of medicines cure colorectal cancer?

As mentioned above, adhering to the ED drugs means that the PDE- 5 hormones get inhibited and due to this the cGMP hormone or cyclic guanosine monophosphate hormone would get released.  

And higher levels of cGMP hormone do not allow the cancerous cells to mutate thus preventing them to spread quickly to other parts preventing their growth. 

The tumors in the body also do not change their form into a more vicious form from benign to malignant. 

And thus the person can expect to get good results in the long term with the use of ED drugs like . 

The results of the studies suggest that the use of ED drugs not only decreases the chances of death rate but also helps to prevent or check the growth of cancer. 

What are the potential side effects that you remember?

But remember that all the experiments conducted were just trials. To validate and authenticate it for official use for administering the use of PDE-5 hormone inhibiting oral ED pills to the patients for curing colorectal cancer it has to pass FDA validation. 

This requires a lot more research and solid concrete proof that the use of ED drugs is safe for use of patients who are also suffering from colorectal cancer. 

And by the way, the use of ED drugs can also be unsafe in certain ways as they can develop side effects. 

There are various side effects that you need to be aware of when administering the ED drugs such as generic Sildenafil Cenforce 200 and these include-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the joints of the body
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing sensation in the ears
  • Pale face
  • An irregular and a faster heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • priapism

How successful has been the results of the clinical trials?

As mentioned above that there has been one prior experiment conducted on mice and one human trial that has been conducted so far. And it can be said that the results are encouraging to some extent. 

But to validate the use of medical associations, scientists and researchers have to conduct more and more experiments. 

What further studies are left to conclude ED medicines as a definitive form of treatment?

It is the working principle of the cGMP hormone and how it prevents the cancerous cells from replicating and mutating them is something that remains to be known. 

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