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A lot of writers think when you write your first draft, it will not look perfect. Although someone writes his paper to make a living, there are a few mistakes in your writing that need corrections. Students can access online editing services. If you are that person who likes to edit by self, it is also possible. Proofreading and editing are tedious tasks. But one does not need to take a long time doing these activities. So do not ignore your first draft. Follow these steps carefully when you are editing your work. If one spends roughly 45 minutes to 1-hour editing, one will significantly improve the marks that he gets in his work. When you plan how you can write your essay, make sure that you give about a day to proofread your work before you submit it. And when you keep time, it is an added advantage when doing your work. Time management is very crucial when doing anything. This article is designed by a professional essay reader.

Begin making a structure.

Before you get started with writing anything about your essay, start by writing a structure. Having a structure is very crucial. It is as vital as having good grammar. A Curriculum vitae has a particular and unique structure, and so do essays. One can work around that for a while. Ensure that your points flow. You choose a point that you think does not flow with other points; one will have to either make changes or ignore it.

Sentence length.

One should avoid writing very long sentences even when they make sense. Try to reduce the number of words you use in a sentence. If you find a way of splitting a sentence into more than one, go ahead and do it. It helps in making the reader focus most of his attention on your work. Longer sentences take the readers’ attention to other things. And they are boring to read.

Write your paper in an academic format. And it should be easy to understand.

Paragraph length.

One must also put their attention on the length of the paragraph. A huge paragraph reduces the morale of the person reading to continue reading.

Split the bigger paragraph into sub-paragraphs. One should also know that editing is not only about grammar and spell-checking. PaperTrue’s academic editors, for example, not only review the structural soundness of your essay but also the clarity and coherence in your writing.


One can get online spell checkers. But not all these online spell checkers are effective. Instead of going online, one can become a spell-checker by himself. One method that you can use to check your spelling is by going through your paper backward. Using this method, you will notice the spelling errors faster because you will not read your work in its right flow. When one reads the essay backward, one forces one to focus on each word. 

Check your punctuations (i.e., commas).

When one writes from a personal point of view, one will write with passion. It makes a reader have a fantastic reading. Be keen on where you put your commas. There are checkers online that can help one with this editing problem. If you do not know how and where to put your commas, do some research.

Eliminate complicated terms.

A lot like to be professional when writing their essays, you must avoid using complicated terms.


There is no short cut to writing down a good essay. You must research above your limits to find the best way that you can use to write your work.

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