Corporate Branding Gift Program


The companies or the organization need to interact with their clients, employees and the entire stakeholder’s team. Making good relations with them is also very important as it will help the companies in getting higher profits. Companies with higher profits are most likely to be very successful. 

Now you must be wondering how to make a good relationship? The only way you can make better relationships with your stakeholders is by getting a gift for them. Trading of gifts improves the relations amongst people; hence it is the best way to make good relationships. Here at Nutcracker sweets, you will find the perfect gift baskets which you can get for your clients, employees and the shareholders. Nutcracker sweets has several gift baskets specially designed for uses in the corporate world.

Custom Slate Coasters

The Custom Slate Coaster is a perfect gift if you are looking to get something to your clients after an event. The slate is black, and the company’s name and logo can be imprinted on gift baskets in white or golden colour. Customers can place an order by calling on the Nutcracker sweets phone number. The customers will have to purchase a minimum of 36 slates. 

Engraved Cheese Board 

This is a hand-finished Cheese Board and will be a perfect option for your gift baskets. The best part about this cheese board is the company’s logo will be imprinted and whoever you will give this board to will always remember about your gift and the company. This is also a form of marketing. You can call at the NutCracker sweets to place an order. The knife will not be included in the basket. Customers will have to order a  minimum of 36 cheese boards. 

Custom chocolate couture box

This chocolate box is our specialty. Our team has picked the best types of chocolates from all around the world and has them in one package. This chocolate box is just a click away from you. It has six different sections which mean you are getting a variety of chocolates in only one box. The chocolates can be customized as per our client’s liking. The company’s logo can also be imprinted on the front of the TV to make this gift memorable. The package costs only 50 dollars. This is very reasonable when you compare the stuff you get in return. The customers order this box in bulk by calling their nearest Nutcrackers sweets branch. 

Custom logo ribbon

A ribbon brings more power to the gifts, so that is why we needed to design something which increases the beauty of our gift baskets. After a lot of thoughts, we decided to make a ribbon, especially for corporate uses these ribbons have the company’s logo imprinted on it, and this has made the gifts more powerful. The customers will have to order a minimum of 36 stripes, and they can call or visit the nearest branch of the Nutcracker Sweets to place their order.

Customised logo corporate basket

The best of the best products. Our personal favorite is this basket. It has a variety of items in it. This basket is specifically designed for corporate clients. You can give this basket as a giveaway to your clients after a meeting. Giving this gift basket will put a good impression on the clients, and they might sign the deal. This basket costs $125 and has over ten items in it. All these items in the basket are branded and imported. 

You can order any of the above-mentioned gifts from the Nutcracker sweets website.

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