Cool Motorcycle Gadgets for the Big Biker


If you are looking for the perfect gift for your bike crazy partner, you’ll probably find it here in this article, as we have scoured the Internet looking for the best cool bike gadgets available this year. As Christmas is not far away, here are some of the top-rated biker gadgets and devices that you can buy from the online supplier.

  • The Ultimate Sporting Backpack – While there are many great backpacks out there, not all are made of Kevlar and while this product isn’t cheap, it is said to be indestructible. They come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, with security locking and clips for additional stuff and you can have the backpack personalised with his name. If you have yet to acquire your dream bike, check out the impressive range of Honda bikes at Wheels Motorcycles, the UK’s leading big bike dealerships with new and used machines and very low-interest finance.
  • Crash Detector – This is an amazing device/service; for a few pounds a year, you can register with a special service and in the event your bike is involved in an accident and you are unresponsive, the device sends your coordinates to a pre-agreed person who can alert the emergency services. You can also make contact with other users and arrange group rides and you will feel better knowing that he has this protection.
  • Helmet Lock – If he doesn’t have a lock for his treasured Shoei helmet, he will love this handy helmet lock, which is simple to set. Clip the helmet and spin the lock numbers and your lid is not going anywhere; this inexpensive device is an essential, as decent helmets are very much sought after by thieves. Here is some information on Honda motorcycles, a leading Japanese manufacturer.
  • Go Pro – 4K Video – He could create his own YouTube account and thrill his followers with exhilarating footage of high-speed rides. The latest versions are amazing, with great night time vision and loads of memory to capture those long weekend rides. You could tour the United Kingdom and create a series for other bikers to follow. You could livestream a session through long and winding roads, with the tachometer on the red line! Why not create videos for travellers, with a campsite review and info on popular local attractions.
  • Smartphone Holder – Google Maps is a critical app for the two wheeled adventurer and you can find units with a USB charging function. Search online for big bike accessories and you are bound to find a site with a range of smartphone bike holders.
  • Bike Lock – A tough tungsten steel lock that fits through a brake disc hole, rending either front or back wheel immoveable. Of course, you would have other security devices to protect your coveted machine, but this would be another layer to get through and to be frank, no one is going to try and break a tungsten bike lock.

If he already has all of the above, search the online retailer, where you are sure to find something that is ideal for your biker partner. Emerging tech offers exciting new gadgets to make touring more comfortable and if you need some UK driving licence information, click here.

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