Convert Scanned PDF to Editable PDF with UPDF Effortlessly


PDFs are a great way to share documents because they keep the formatting intact no matter what device or software you’re using to view them. However, one downside to PDFs is that they’re not easy to edit. If you have a PDF that you need to make changes to, you’ll need to use a third-party tool to convert it into an editable format.

This is because PDFs are essentially images of the document, so everything is locked in place. OCR (optical character recognition) can be used to convert scanned PDFs into editable formats, but it’s not always 100% accurate. As a result, it’s best to use a tool that specializes in converting PDFs if you need to make sure your document is perfect.

Three simple steps to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF with UPDF

UPDF for Windows and Mac allows you to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF in just 3 simple steps. Let’s take a look at how you can do it using UPDF:

Step 1: Open Scanned PDF and Select Output Format.

When you want to import your scanned PDF into the UPDF program, select the “Open File” option from the interface.

Converting a scanned PDF into a Word document is as simple as clicking the “Export PDF” icon on the right toolbar and choosing “Word” as the output format.

Step 2: Activate OCR Function.

To activate optical character recognition (OCR), click the “Text Recognition Settings” button located at the top of the panel. Select the language that is used throughout the document.

Click the “Apply to All” button if you want to use the same OCR settings for all of the files that are currently in the queue. You need to set the page range for conversion if you just want to convert a portion of the scanned PDF documents that you have.

Step 3: Export Editable PDF.

In the final step, you will need to convert the file by selecting the “Export” option located at the very bottom. The DOCX file will be created and saved to the folder you just selected, which will then be displayed on your screen; at this point, you may open it in Microsoft Word to make changes to it.

What else can you do with UPDF?

UPDF is a robust PDF reader and organizer program that is characterized by its user-friendliness and wide feature set, both of which make it effortless for users to run the program. In addition to its many other useful functions, it safeguards and preserves the quality of your crucial PDF files. The fact that you may apply various features to several PDF documents at the same time in a matter of seconds makes this option the one that is both the most prudent and the handiest.

The following are the most popular features of UPDF:

View and Edit

Using this tool, both the text and the graphics on a PDF document can be edited in a relatively simple manner. You have the opportunity to insert new text, delete existing text, change the font style, and delete large portions of text.

In a similar manner, you may easily add or remove photographs with no problems at all. You may also take advantage of the mirror PDF function that is included in UPDF. A wide array of reading and viewing modes are available for use while reading PDF files.


UPDF is a PDF annotation tool that is completely free to use. Using this software, you are able to annotate PDFs by highlighting essential parts and underlining other content. It is now much simpler to annotate PDF files thanks to the addition of support for features such as strikethrough, sticky notes, text boxes, stamps, stickers, and more. Using this tool to annotate PDFs is a fun activity in and of itself.

Convert PDF files

Users of UPDF have the capability to convert the PDF files they have created into a wide variety of different document formats. One of the most impressive features of UPDF is its OCR tool, which is up to date with the most advanced ones that are currently available. Through the application of this function, it is able to convert scanned PDFs into any other format that is editable while precisely keeping the style of the document. Learn more about how to convert PDF to Word.

Sign PDF

UPDF allows you to digitally sign your PDFs, which is convenient in today’s world where everything is done online. You will have the ability to sign them and will have no trouble sharing them forward to your friends or coworkers.


To convert scanned PDF to editable PDF, you will have to use a PDF converter. There are a lot of online converters but they are not safe. You can have your information leaked online. So, we always recommend people use UPDF. It is completely offline, safe, and compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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