Connecting to your Perfect Leads in LinkedIn – Automatically


Don’t you wish you could use ‘Closely’ to automatically reach out to your ideal list of leads and send them a LinkedIn connection request? After all, communicating with a prospect via the world’s #1 professional social selling network dramatically increases your chances of closing the purchase.

Thanks to, you can now.

A quick glimpse

LinkedIn outreach to first, second, and third connections can be automated with Closely Automation. Closely Automation accomplishes this in a manner that closely resembles natural behavior, allowing you to quickly focus in on prospects who look to be interested in your products and services.

Closelyhq identifies highly-targeted leads based on firmographic data (in case you forgot) (industry, role, company size, geography, etc.). It then discovers leads and drips them into your sales stack based on your chosen parameters.

Simulate real-world user behavior

The major benefit of using a LinkedIn automation tool like Closelyhq is that it helps you to automate repetitive tasks in a way that appears and feels natural. That is, you would use LinkedIn as usual, but automation would perform the most time-consuming tasks. Here you’ll find a slew of great client success stories with out-of-this-world ROI.

Our Lead Generation Strategy on LinkedIn:

To summaries, lead generation refers to all of the actions and strategies you use to attract new customers. Lead generation is important because nurturing leads can develop into paying customers that use your products and produce revenue for you. LinkedIn’s typical audience consists of professional decision-makers with purchasing power, giving you the opportunity to talk directly to potential paying clients. In the section below, we’ll go through how to use LinkedIn to create leads.

  1. Ensure that your executives have a strong presence on LinkedIn: When you’re just getting started on LinkedIn, deciding where to focus your early efforts can be tough. Should you immediately start building an excellent LinkedIn Page and posting content to your company’s feed?  Should you begin by posting all of your job openings on the internet in order to attract new candidates?
  2. Make sure your organization has a solid LinkedIn page: After you’ve ensured that your own leaders have a strong presence on LinkedIn, it’s time to create an appealing page. You should keep your LinkedIn page current by posting thought-provoking information and participating in existing LinkedIn discussions.
  3. Information and updates should be published as soon as possible: To guarantee that your LinkedIn page and profile are good, consider presenting a range of material formats, including video. Incorporating this industry-relevant content into your marketing materials can help you position yourself as a knowledgeable source while also increasing relevance and trust with potential customers.
  4. Join the LinkedIn communities where your customers and clients hang out: At its essence, LinkedIn is just another social networking site. Users can create groups based on industry-related interests, similar to how they can on Facebook, and you can participate in discussions with other experts by joining these communities.
  5. To ensure that your content reaches the correct audience, employ sponsored items: Businesses with little marketing budgets may be apprehensive to use LinkedIn ads. They have a lot of inquiries. We have a small marketing budget and want to stretch it as far as possible. So, what are our plans for it? It is critical to invest in LinkedIn since it is the most effective sponsored and organic channel for B2B businesses.
  6. Make sure your sales and marketing teams are on the same page: You’re probably aware of the current shift in customer buying patterns. Before calling a sales agent, consider the following, Customers currently conduct pre-purchase research online and frequently rely on marketing materials to help them make judgments.
  7. Make the most of your existing consumers and clients: The networking aspect of LinkedIn is its biggest attraction, and you should take advantage of it to create leads And don’t forget about their LinkedIn Call To Action
  8. Maintain a consistent presence on the platform: On LinkedIn, as on all of your other social media platforms, consistency is needed. If you check out after uploading an article once a week, you’re not establishing yourself as a continuous presence with your connections. Keep in touch with your leads on a frequent basis as well. It’s not a good look to disappear in the middle of a conversation, and it won’t make them want to do business with you.

Before you buy, try it out.

Are you ready to integrate Closelyhq and put this powerful combination to work for you? Closelyhq Turbo provides a variety of purchasing and setup choices, but if you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit to a subscription, you can visit Closelyhq.

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