Compelling Reasons to Switch to Baby Sunscreen Stick


It can be hard enough to remember to apply SPF sunscreen every day for yourself, and it counts double when you’re trying to protect your child’s skin. However, when you buy the right kinds of sunscreen products, it can tip the balance in your favor – which brings us rather neatly to baby sunscreen stick.

Visit your local drugstore, and you’ll find a mesmerizing array of sunscreen brands lining the aisle, so it’s understandable that people have trouble finding the right option. Every brand is trying to attract your attention with fancy-sounding terms, so it pays to know what you’re looking for. 

Baby Sunscreen Stick Allows For Easier Coverage

The first advantage of sunscreen sticks for babies is that it’s much less messy than lotions and easier to cover every inch of your child’s exposed skin. You apply it to the skin in a very similar method to how you might use a pen, meaning that it’s simpler to get even coverage.

The last thing you want is to leave any skin exposed, so this is a major benefit when dealing with children.

No More Tears or Nasty Tastes! 

When dealing with toddlers and very young children, there’s always a danger of messy lotions getting where they’re not supposed to go. If you’re not watching intently enough, a young boy or girl could easily put their fingers into the gloop and transfer them into their mouth or even worse, their eyes!

While it might not hurt your child too much if this did happen, it’s still unpleasant and will leave a negative association in their young minds with sunscreen. 

It’s More Convenient

The thing about regular sunscreen lotion bottles is that they’re often quite large and not exactly what you might call portable. The result of this may be that you forget to pack it and take a chance that it won’t be needed. 

It’s those kinds of decisions that lead to sunburn, but a baby sunscreen stick is usually the size of a small deodorant, meaning it will fit in your bag more easily. 

They Teach Good Things About Sunscreen 

A great aspect of sunscreen sticks is that they can be used by children who are old enough to have developed the ability to use crayons and pencils. Sure, they may need help to fully apply the product in the way required at first, but it does teach that sunscreen can be fun. 

If you are able to encourage your children to enjoy the act of applying sunscreen sticks early, they may develop an understanding of sun protection that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Why Not Try a Baby Sunscreen Stick For Your Children Today?

The advantages of using sunscreen sticks for not just your kids, but yourself, are obvious. They’re more convenient, easier to apply and add an element of fun into proceedings that is so important when trying to instil the right sun protection behaviors in your kids. 

So, why not try using one today? It could completely transform how, when and how often you protect your skin when going outside. That’s certainly something to ruminate on! 

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