Common Mistakes in Chicago After a Car Accident: 


When someone attempts to handle a car accident case on their own, without the help of an attorney, there are higher chances of failing to receive the compensation they were entitled to. Cases like this are complicated and require professional skills. If you have been injured in an accident, you can get help from a Chicago car accident lawyer. 

Mistakes to avoid after a car accident:

  • Not calling the police. 

Calling the police after an accident will work significantly in your favor. Even though the police will not necessarily help you build your case, they will collect information about the accident site that can be of great help. 

A police officer takes photographs of the scene, talks to witnesses, and investigates the accident. Moreover, if the other driver gets a ticket, you will use that to prove your innocence in court. On the other hand, if the cops are not informed, the insurance company will assume that your injury or car damage was not significant enough and thus prevent you from getting compensation. 

  • Not going to the doctor. 

Underestimating your injuries and acting tough will cost you later. However small the injury may seem, it is crucial to visit your doctor and get checked up. Waiting for your injuries to heal on their own may cause them to get even worse. 

Additionally, it is crucial to document your injuries so that they can be used as evidence. A doctor’s report is detailed and can thus give information about how bad your injury is. Lastly, not seeking medical attention will only result in the insurance companies thinking the accident did not seriously harm you. 

  • Settling quickly. 

The first settlement offer isn’t usually in your best favor. It is human nature to resolve conflicts quickly and go home, but it’s equally important to get a fair settlement. Make sure to keep fighting unless you can get an amount that covers all your losses.

  • Trusting your insurance company. 

Always remember one thing: your insurance company wants to pay you as little money as possible. As long as you’re not getting paid, the money stays in their pockets. Talking to your insurance company alone and accepting their first offer is not the smart choice. Please consult a lawyer before talking to your insurance company or ask them to talk on behalf of you. 

  • Not consulting a lawyer. 

You can avoid almost all problems and mistakes if you consult with an expert before taking any steps. Many people believe they can settle these cases alone, which results in disappointments. A lawyer can help get you maximum compensation and protect your rights seamlessly. 

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