Comfy and Cute: How to Look Put Together While Wearing Comfy Clothes


As our work and social lives have been forced to blend together with our home lives lately, many of us have been looking for ways to create polished outfits that both look and feel great. The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a whole new world of fashion possibilities, like nightgowns that double as flirty WFH dresses and athleisure sets that make getting ready for your big grocery haul feel like prepping for fashion week.

From balancing out oversized sweaters with slim fit boutique leggings to finishing your look with dazzling accessories, here are some tips for how to look put together while wearing comfy clothes.

Pay Attention to Fit and Fabric

Comfort is essential when styling any look, but it’s equally important to search for staples that fit the way they were originally designed to. This helps ensure your cozy outfit doesn’t end up looking unfortunately schlumpy instead.

  • Sizing up a piece that’s meant to have a slim fit just for the sake of extra coziness can sometimes take away from the impact of your look. To avoid overly slouchy shoulders on your sweaters and pants that droop too far below your waist, be on the lookout for pieces that are intentionally oversized.
  • Balance your silhouettes by keeping the oversized elements of your outfit limited. For example, an oversized sweater complements a hip-grazing pair of leggings, while a slim-cut T-shirt pairs with cute joggers perfectly.
  • Take the time to try on the pieces you’re considering before committing to your purchase. All of our bodies are unique, and you might find that the T-shirt dress that didn’t really stand out on the hanger is the perfect addition to your closet.

When you’re planning a comfy wardrobe, it’s also helpful to choose soft, touchable fabrics. Crisper, sturdier fabrics may look polished, but they often require more TLC to maintain their shape and aren’t a great first choice for loungewear. Instead, look for pieces that offer flexibility and move with your body.

Discover Special Details

It’s all in the details, especially when you’re trying to take a look from simple to special! Whether it’s a ruffled sleeve, a unique pattern or delicate embroidery, sweet touches can really take your ensemble to the next level.

  • A cozy poncho in a colorful animal print feels unexpected in the best way but stays versatile as a layering piece.
  • Puff sleeve sweaters add just the right amount of dimension, without the unforgiving structure of a button-down or blazer.
  • Combat boots are functional classics, but studded details add just the right amount of drama.
  • Two-piece sets feel fresh, not tired, in a playful geometric pattern, or with a streak of neon piping.

Unexpected details help to make a piece feel much more personal to your own unique style and keep leisurewear from ending up seeming tired. When you bring styles into your wardrobe that feel true to you, you’ll likely feel more confident when you’re wearing them!

Play with Layers and Texture

One of the best ways to upgrade a cozy outfit is to get creative by mixing layers and textures. The right combination builds visual interest and captures attention, without forgoing the most important element of any outfit: comfort.

  • Combine a chunky sweater with a glossy pair of faux leather leggings for a stylish contrast that’s still cozy. Head-to-toe black is hardly boring when you’re combining textured fabrics together.
  • Play with length and shape by styling one of your long, cute cardigans over a short skirt, opaque black tights and black booties.
  • A winter vest feels hip, not dated, as a puffy outer layer when placed over a slim long sleeve shirt and tight jeans.
  • Bike shorts are back in a major way. Layer them with an oversized sweatshirt and clean white sneakers for a ’90s-inspired outfit that’s still new and now.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box a little bit when you’re putting together comfy looks, and remember that layers can help any piece swiftly transition from season to season. Whether you’re adding an extra sweater to take a house dress from summer to fall or swapping a sweatshirt for your tank top when the temperature starts to rise, layers can help your comfy staples last all year long.

Finish the Look with Accessories and Makeup

Accessories don’t often affect the comfort of your look, but they offer a great way to tie your whole ensemble together. Think about what pieces you can throw on to complete your comfy, cute outfit, and don’t forget to add a swipe of lipstick and mascara.

  • Colorful, sparkly earrings dress up a flowy blouse. Try tucking your hair behind your ears to show them off!
  • A cushioned headband brings a touch of preppiness to an otherwise simple set, and also completely camouflages a bad hair day.
  • Structured totes and crossbody bags can serve as practical and stylish finishing touches to elevate even the most casual outfit.
  • You don’t need to commit to putting on your contacts in order to look pulled together. Casual days call for glasses with colorful frames!

Even a sweatsuit and sneakers can become ready for date night with the right accessories and just a touch of makeup.

Combine Comfy and Cute

You really don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style for the sake of staying comfortable! With the right balance of silhouettes, textures and colors, you can create outfits that are unique and trendy, but are still comfortable enough to work from home or run errands in. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to create inspired looks that are comfy, cute and worthy of being reworn over and over again.

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