The COVID-19 pandemic impacted people in unimaginable ways. Populations have undergone a drastic shift in their lives. The new normal at one’s predisposal is a system of minimal movement and increased screen time. While that has its own implications, it becomes imperative that one follows these protocols.

The doctors and healthcare workers working tirelessly at the forefront of this pandemic are truly heroes. However, they often face a shortage when it comes to quintessential. From PPE tech kits to vaccines, they are the government’s top priority. After all, only if the doctors are well, the people can be saved!

On average, Australia encounters about 1,700 COVID cases every day. This is still a dangerous number as the world is on the cusp of the third wave and its never-ceasing impending doom. For the frontline workers and general public, a few essentials need to be provided to ensure top-most safety.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 refers to a deadly pandemic that has been plaguing humankind since 2019. The CoV-SARS virus is a potent novel virus. This virus’s source is still not been sourced, but 2021 has seen multiple mutations that have made the task of controlling them and obtaining herd immunity even more difficult. Several state-produced vaccines, PPE tech kits, and alcohol sanitisers help combat this situation. All of these materials need to be acquired at the earliest to acquire maximum protection. Furthermore, staying at home unless unavoidable is a significant step to follow as it protects the self from the virus and protects others from dangers.

  • Masks: These are the most important in the list of essentials. Now that many countries have relaxed lockdown rules, people have started going out again. The older lifestyle of business, party and recreation outdoors is slowly returning. But the perils of the virus still exist, and if not vaccinated, one might pose a vulnerability of contraction. To prevent this, masks need to be used. P2 masks are the most widely used and produced (in areas of Melbourne) masks in Australia. These are the best fit for people exposed to moderate risk conditions.
  • PPE Tech Kits: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a COVID protection kit for frontline workers and doctors. It consists of essentials like reusable poly coverall, masks, nitrile gloves, shoe cover, bouffant cap, and protective goggles.

All doctors, patients, and visiting staff are advised to use PPE when there is a scope of contact with blood, bodily fluids, or other secretions. Frontline workers providing immediate care to patients have to be extra cautious and always don the PPE kit.

  • Sanitisers: Alcohol-based sanitisers are the doctor’s recommendation for maximum safety. These need to be carried around whenever there is a chance of getting in contact with external surfaces or being exposed to pathogens (like in a hospital condition). These need to be applied in optimal amounts before and after coming in contact with potent surfaces. Furthermore, too much sanitiser can cause skin itching or dryness, so judicious use is advised. When in a familiar environment, like a home setting, people are suggested to use the hand wash instead of using a sanitiser.
  • Vitamin supplements: Immunity is what is majorly crucial during such an extreme situation. Previously, people seldom paid attention to their immunity beyond a common cold or fever. But with the current situation at hand, one is at serious risk of contracting the CoV-SARS virus if they have poor immunity. Accredited vitamin supplements from the trusted pharmacies are essential in fortifying one’s immunity against this virus.

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