College Fashion for Men in 2021: Top Trends


Dressing well is the key to college popularity, and the perfect channel to perfect your image, as you prepare to tackle the real world. And, while ladies’ college fashion isn’t talked about regularly, men’s fashion is—and it’s usually exciting and interesting to do it. Creating a well-curated wardrobe is very easy for men—however, most college guys have a huge challenge with this. And why is that?

Generally, college students are always busy—too busy to shop. From waking up early to prepare for classes to the super busy college life, most men don’t have the time to go out shopping for clothes. So they prefer to go online shopping. However, in online shopping, you can search for any brand and get the product at the best price. You can choose, which provides you the widest selection of wholesale blank apparel from many of the top brands. It is the leading supplier of Augusta Apparel.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from putting together that perfect wardrobe. With that, let’s, look at the top trends that will help you up to your college fashion game.


This is a fashion trend that combines athletic outfits with lounge and leisure elements. Athleisure fashion wear will give you that sporty look, as well as the cooler and more luxury vibe that you need when hanging out with your college peers, or when going to classes. The thing with athleisure outfits is that they have a relaxed and nonchalant vibe, which will leave you feeling and looking good. 

Although some of the best athleisure outfit ideas comprise very simple outfits—like hoodies, joggers, and designer t-shirts, the accessories added are what add the leisure factor. A pair of canvas shoes, classic sneakers, headphones, baseball caps, and sporty watches are some of the accessories that you need to take this style to the next level. 


Although cardigans and sweaters might seem well suited for older men, college men can add some amount of youthful energy to get an elegant college outfit out of them. The following urbane and put-together ideas for college men will turn heads and impress everyone. 

Wearing a sweater-vest over an untucked shirt and trouser combination will give you a great and college-suitable look, especially when you pair it with converse or canvas shoes. These casual shoes will help you balance this outfit. Adding a pair of glasses to this outfit will give you a casual-official look—something most men want to achieve in colleges. 

Blue denim

One thing with blue denim is that it will always win. For years, blue denim has remained to be an amazing classing—and you will find endless styles, designs, and patterns of this outfit in almost every online store today. Moreover, blue denim, which has been the life-line of college fashion, is an element that can’t be ignored for obvious reasons. 

First, ripped blue denims have been an amazing friend for men’s designer t-shirts—and you can never get that outfit wrong. You can boost this outfit with a pair of vans, loafers, and sunnies to get that perfect casual look. 

Also, blue denim jackets make a perfect choice for college fashion wear. When layers over a hoodie or white t-shirt, and a part of denim pants (preferably dark) a blue denim jacket will give you the dapper look you’ve always desired. 

Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets are an obvious option for a cool collegial outfit. Created with the sole purpose of showing off that bold college spirit, varsity jackets are a popular outfit worn all year round. Also known as the outfit for ‘cook kids’ and college students with a sportsman charm, varsity jackets are a college classic. 

These jackets, particularly the letterman jackets by VarsityBase look amazing when worn over striped t-shirts. Also, they look good if they feature classic varsity elements, such as an embroidered letter, contrast buttons, and striped rib on the collar and cuffs. Adding a baseball cap to this outfit will make you ready to turn necks when you touch base on campus. 

The perfect menswear for college students, adding an emblem, logo, or letters of your college affixed over a plain varsity jacket is the best way to show your sense of belonging. Wearing a varsity jacket at college tells others that you have a tribe—and no one can mess around with you. 

Moto jackets

If you want to get that bad-boy appearance that all college chics love, go for a moto jacket. A tan color or black moto jacket will give you that perfect cool college guy appearance. 

Moto jackets look amazing when paired with a casual t-shirt and dark denim pants. The pairing gets better when you throw in a black backpack. Adding all-white sneakers to this monochromatic appearance will make you good to go. If you looking for high quality personalized letterman jackets 

A more interesting option over all-black jeans and t-shirt combination is a tan moto jacket. Elegant, polished, and positively showing the bad boy appearance, this outfit can make you fit in a biker gang. 

Bottom Line

College life gives men the opportunity to try different personalities and skins. And, men’s fashion is one of the best ways to assist you in doing that. Trying out different styles, personas, and moods via your college fashion will help you understand your unique fashion taste. So, when you graduate, you will not have a challenge in hitting the ground running when it comes to fashion. 

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