Coding Ninjas Online Course Review – Everything You Want to Know


Programming is one of the most recommended skills in recent years, which has gained popularity from people who want to become independent as a side business or freelancer. By learning programming, you will acquire the skills to survive unstable times, and you will be able to choose a free way of life that is not tied to any place or time.

Even more, depending on the type of programming language you learn, you can also improve your career and annual income. Since programming can be done with a personal computer, even if you are a salaried worker, you can increase your yearly income by taking a project as a side job and completing development and contracting at the end of the work.

Now the question, where you can start learning programing language? For that, one of the leading platforms is Coding Ninjas, where you can start your learning journey. In this Coding Ninjas review, I will provide a detailed insight of their courses. I will also provide you a Coding Ninjas coupon code which will provide you 42% discount on all these courses.  Even if you are confused about Coding Ninjas, you can read this article from top to bottom. And I assure you that you will be confident about your decision by the end.

What is Coding Ninjas?

Coding Ninjas is a popular coding Bootcamp with a proven track record of 15,000+ students from 1000+ colleges all over India. The platform has a reputation for being able to take classes while working or studying because it can be learned online.  And it is characterized by the high evaluation of one-on-one lessons by active engineer instructors who teach beginners and inexperienced people in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition, the tuition fee is cheaper than the coding course that requires commuting to school, and the time and cost required to commute to school are not required, so Coding Ninjas, an online school, is highly recommended for those who are learning programming for the first time.

Features and Functionality of the courses:

There are some reasons because of which, within a few years Coding Ninjas has become the leading Programming Training institute of India. And it is due to their features which they provide with their courses. You will get wide variety of features which you probably won’t get in any of the online courses provided across the world. In this Coding Ninjas online course review, I will try to cover all the major features. But the list is so large that I can’t cover all their features in a single post. So, the major features that differs Coding Ninjas from others are the following-

  • Dedicated Mentor Support- You will get a dedicated mentor to guide you during the complete course. It does not matter which course you take, you will always get your teaching assistant support in all their courses. But not only that, you will be provided a pool of 100+ Teaching Assistants to solve all your doubts and queries. You can ask any kind on doubts from them as they are there only for this. After completion of your course, you can also apply for the Teaching Assistant internship to get a good stipend with a lots of practice and revision of your course. You can apply for the Teaching Assistant for the course that you completed from Coding Ninjas only.
  • Branded Goodies- As goodies are provided by majority of the courses available across the world. But I don’t think anyone provides Wildcraft branded goodies for free with their courses. Yes, you will get a Wildcraft laptop bag with all the courses along with a Coding Ninjas T-shirt. And that not all, you will also get a Laptop Sticker having Coding Ninjas logo on it. You will really love these goodies as I am saying all these from my own experience.
  • Placement Cell- You will get the access of Coding Ninjas placement cell after the completion of your course. But you can not apply to all the internship/jobs available over there. You can only apply to selective jobs that are related to your completed course only. Means suppose you have completed the Web Development course from Coding Ninjas, so you can apply to the web dev internships only. You can’t apply to a machine learning internship. The jobs/internships available on the cell are updated very frequently and you should be alert and active as the get filled very quickly.
  • A Free trial with every course- To clear all your confusions, Coding Ninjas has provided an option to avail a free trial of any of their courses. You need not provide any sort of bank account or card details. Simply log in their portal and start your free trial. You will also get a Certificate of Completion with all the trials. Coding Ninjas’ free trial lessons will be attended by video chat with an active engineer instructor after logging in to Coding Ninjas’ learning system.
  • After hearing the reason you want to learn to program initially, you can explain the course and learning contents of Coding Ninjas in detail. You can also ask questions and consult about programming learning and the course and plan to take. Whether you have decided to take Coding Ninjas or are comparing it with other programming platforms, we recommend taking a free trial lesson. You can ask active engineer instructors about the programming language that suits you, how to quickly acquire programming skills, change jobs as an engineer, and become independent as a freelancer. The reviews of the participants are also good.
  • Also, after taking the free trial lesson, you will receive a discount coupon for the tuition fee, so even those who have already decided to take Coding Ninjas are recommended to participate in the free trial lesson.
  • You can reserve a free trial lesson of Coding Ninjas from the official website, select the desired date and time and register your email address. The free trial lesson takes some minutes, which is the almost same as the regular lesson, and since it is online, you can participate anywhere you have a PC and internet environment. It’s free, so there’s no loss in joining.
  • Hint Videos- What happen when you try to solve a question but you can’t even understand the question. Or you are not able to think the logic? For this, Coding Ninjas has provided hint videos with all their courses. Hint videos can be watched any time, without any penalty or any restrictions. These videos are meant for explaining the concept of the question and telling you the approach you should use to solve it. You will not get code solution with these videos. However, after solving the problem, you can see the official solution of that problem. It will help you to judge your approach and finding the more efficient way.

The list is endless, but I would like to end it here only. These were the major features that impressed me the most. You can always avail the free trial to experience all these features yourself.

The Advantages (Pros) of Coding Ninjas Courses:

As I mentioned above, you can see many such advantages of taking the Coding Ninjas online courses such as-

  • Each course of Coding Ninjas contains a deep explanation of each topic with loads of assignments assigned. So that the student has the best understanding by solving the problems related to the explained topic.
  • Learning becomes better when we have a feeling of competition. To provide that feeling, Coding Ninjas courses have a leaderboard that continuously evaluate your performance during the course.
  • What happen if you have a sudden exams during the course, or you need to attend a relative’s marriage outstation. For all these situations, Coding Ninjas online courses have a feature of Course pause through which the students can pause their course as many times as they want. But there is a limit of 60 days, means you can not pause your course more than 60 days in total.
  • As I mentioned above, learning is incomplete without results. So, to provide that results, Coding Ninjas online courses have the feature of placement support. The access to this portal is for lifetime.
  • There are also some amazing portals like CodeStudio and Codezen to provide practice for placements and interviews.
  • You will also get a premium subscription of Hirist with all the courses.

The Disadvantages (Cons) of Coding Ninjas Courses:

Nothing is perfect in this world, same applies to Coding Ninjas online courses also. I noticed some cons, or some places where there are still scope of improvement such as-

  • Coding Ninjas placement cell is restricted. Means you can’t apply to a job or internship until unless you have not done the course related to that internship from Coding Ninjas.
  • Coding Ninjas portal videos do not run on slow internet connectivity. You should have a good internet to watch those videos.
  • Deadlines of the assignments are strict and there is no way to shift it without pausing the complete course.
  • Doubt resolution has become faster, but it still needs improvement as some doubts still takes hours to get resolved.

Why Coding Ninjas is the Best Place to Learn Coding?

Coding Ninjas, which is famous as an online programming learning platform, is cheaper than other learning platforms and features abundant courses from significant programming languages ​​to Data structures and Machine learning by carefully selected active engineer mentors.

In addition, this platform has a good reputation for being easy to learn even for inexperienced people and beginners with support. If you check the reputation and reviews of Coding Ninjas, we recommend the low tuition fee compared to other programming code learning platforms.

Moreover, the curriculum content for 6 Months of study time has a good Reputation. Coding Ninjas is a programming learning platform recommended for those who want to acquire skills quickly and cheaply. In addition, it is a programming learning platform that is completed online and is popular with people living in rural areas and Indians living overseas.

How to avail maximum discount on Coding Ninjas courses?

To get the course in least price, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Create a fresh account on the official website of Coding Ninjas.
  • After creating a fresh account, choose the course you wish to pursue.
  • After choosing the course, select a later batch, probably a batch starting around 16-18 days later to get 30% Early Bird Discount.
  • Then at the time of checkout, you will see an option to apply coupon, there you need to apply JCHOK as Coding Ninjas coupon code. This discount coupon will provide an additional 12% discount on any of the course you want to take from Coding Ninjas.
  • Now proceed to checkout using various methods available there and enjoy your course.

My Experience:

You might be wondering how can I tell all these features of Coding Ninjas online courses. I can tell you the features as I have completed 3 courses from the company and I have written this Coding Ninjas review based on that experience only. So, this is my genuine review and you can verify all this by taking the free trial of any of the course. I have also done a Teaching Assistant internship from Coding Ninjas after completion of my Competitive programming course. So, all the features including the pros and cons are verified by me personally. So, this is the current situation, but if you are reading this review 2or 3 years later, then the things might have changed a bit.


So, that was all in this Coding Ninjas review. Hope I have cleared all your doubts. If you are still left with any doubt or query, then you can ask me in the comments. Or better you should experience it on your own with free trials.

In my opinion, if you want to learn programming, or any other stuff related to Coding, then you would not find any course better than Coding Ninjas till date. You should go with the courses using the trick mentioned above to get a 42% discount and I can guarantee that you would not regret on your decision.


Can I get coding ninjas course for free?

No, you can not get a full Coding Ninjas course for free. You can only take a free trial of the course. In that trial, first few units of the course will be unlocked only. For rest of the course, you need to purchase it. But all the features of the full course will be provided in that free trial including Teaching Assistant and Certificate of Completion.

Is coding ninjas course for lifetime?

Yes, the course will remain unlocked for lifetime. But the concept videos will be locked after 3 months of your course completion. But you can reopen it whenever you wish by paying a minimal fees. Moreover, the assignments, hint videos and placement cell is for lifetime.

Which is best course in coding ninjas?

As such all the courses are equally good and no one is the best. But if you talk about popularity, then the foundation courses are most popular among all.

Is Coding Ninjas course good for working professionals?

Yes, the courses will be equally beneficial to all age groups. But one thing to be keep in mind is that you should devote proper time to this course. If you are someone who has a lack of time, then this course is not for you. Once you are lacked behind in these courses, you won’t be able to cover it up easily. However, there is a course pause feature for occasional gaps.

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