Christmas party catering for corporate events


We all get that special Christmas feeling as soon as December knocks on the door. It is not only a great opportunity to spend time with your family, but also it is a unique chance to thank your employees for all the hard work that they have been doing throughout the year. And the best way to do it is, of course, a Christmas party. However, how to plan such a big celebration? How to choose food? What entertainment to include?

Do not worry! We have prepared step-by-step instructions to help you organize an unforgettable party without any stress or headache.

7 easy steps to a Christmas party everyone will remember

  • Choose the theme for your company Christmas party.

This should be the first thing you do, as the style of the party will determine all further details such as decorations, food, and music. Of course, it is not a must, however, a special theme will make the celebration stand out from the number of other regular office parties. A theme can be anything starting the cozy Christmas sweater party and all the way to a fancy “The Great Gatsby” celebration.

  • Provide delicious food.

Christmas parties for corporate events can be memorable if you choose the right menu. It might be difficult to plan a 3-course dinner for 500 people, and that is exactly when nyc caterers can become in use. With the help of professionals, such a difficult task as preparing snacks, main dishes, and dessert becomes joyful and stress-free.

  • Make your employees have something to do!

Party is not all about the food. Once people grab a bite or two, they will start looking for entertainment. This is why it is very important to plan it ahead. Board games, photo zone, karaoke, or dance floor – those are just a few ideas which you could use for your party.

  • Plan your bar.

It will be smart to find out the preferences of your employees in alcohol in advance. Even if you are not going to mix the beverages on your own, it will be easier for the cocktail party catering company to adjust the drinks menu to everyone’s taste, so that no underserved guest is remaining.

  • A playlist is important.

Music can save your party, but it can also ruin the whole spirit. Make sure the playlist matches the theme of the party, you have enough songs on the list, and the music is varied in terms of genre and speed. Even if one song doesn’t become a favorite one, there will still be a chance to balance it with another hit.

  • Don’t forget about gifts for employees.

Your colleagues are the main reason for the party to be organized in the first place. Therefore, it is worth devoting a part of the celebration to making gifts to all the employees or to rewarding the most prominent ones.

  • Make it a surprise.

Do not try to make the task easy and repeat the same party style or place of celebration every year. Christmas is a special occasion, so every employee expects a moment of surprise upon coming.

By following this simple adviсes, your Christmas celebration will become the main topic of the conversations in the office for the next quarter.

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