Choosing Your Home Security Alarm


The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) unit reported in 2019 an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries were reported. This is a 9.5% decrease from the year prior (2018). Could this be due to the rise in Home Security Alarm Systems? Do the stats make you eager to install some protection in your home? Here is some knowledge to know when it comes to choosing your own home security system.

Types of Home Security Systems

When it comes to security systems you can get a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many products out there today. One important factor to know is there are two main types out there. Company-monitored and self/ unmonitored.


Company-monitored systems are those that are, you guessed it monitored by a professional company in the likes of Smith Thompson Houston. These companies supply you with all the gadgets you need, plus monitor your home security system for you. In the event of an intruder, they will alert you and the proper authorities on your behalf. As a safety measure, a phone call or text is usually sent first to confirm the alert to eliminate any false alarms. Many come with the option of going wireless which means no messy wiring installation to deal with. Wireless security usually contains a setup kit that is simply mailed to your home, and you set it up yourself. The company monitored systems also require you to sign up for a monthly fee or sign a one-year contract.

Self/Unmonitored Systems 

Unmonitored systems consist of motion detectors, floodlights, siren alarms, glass-breaking sensors, video doorbells, stand still cameras. While they can be installed by a professional security alarm company there is no monitoring on their part. Nowadays you can simply install them yourself if you want. These systems offer security for those that may not want or cannot afford to sign up for monthly fees. Security cameras today can often do more than just video. They can send you alerts via your smartphone when it senses burglar detection. While they do not cover every angle of your house like a full professional security home system can they can be a nice alternative.

Other Helpful Tips When Choosing Your Security System

Another helpful tip, when it comes to choosing a security system is to assess your home first before you even begin to shop around. 

  • Find out where you feel your home lacks security the most.
  • Identify the security System you want. What type of security device do you want? 
  • Do your research. Burglar and home security systems are completely two different systems. Burglar alarms consist of windows and door sensors that will go off and alert you to an unlawful entry. A home security system does that too, but often they have more at-home safety features. Features that can alert you to other types of home invasion threats such as carbon monoxide gas, fire, even personal security. 

A little research and knowing what you want can help you kept on your budget, including keeping peace of mind too about your home safety.

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