Choosing the Right Type of Fire Doors for Your Office Building


Every office building owner should be aware that there are specific requirements they should know about to ensure their building does not run into hefty penalties. One example of requirements they should learn about is fire safety, meaning that each space will never cause any fire accidents or fatalities.

If you want to experience the safest office building that can protect its tenants from fires, you can choose to install fire rated doors. Many commercial buildings have them because of their ability to provide adequate safety from potential building fires. If it is your first time buying fire doors, you must follow the best choosing tips to get the right one.

Tip #1: Ensure All Parts Are Included

When purchasing fire doors, manufacturers should already include every piece and component with them so that your building technicians will only have to install it in place. However, you might not have noticed in its description that it will not contain specific parts, so you have to get them separately. Note that buying fire doors without all of their essential pieces can become an issue to deal with.

You might have to hassle your contractors to get the missing pieces, which can cause delays with the fire door installation. If you do not want any missing pieces with your fire doors, make sure you get them from reliable suppliers. They will give you exact details about the parts and components for each product you buy from them.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Sizes

It is advisable to let an experienced contractor do the measurements when finding the door frame size. In some cases, building technicians who have no experience in measuring door frames would be off by several inches, which can become a problem when looking for perfect sized fire rated doors.

If you want the job to be perfect, the best option is to find a professional contractor who knows how to accurately measure door frames and use the details to get the right fire door. Getting the right size the first time can permanently save you the time and hassle of having the wrong replaced, which can take a few days or even weeks.

Tip #3: Ensure the Fire Door Has Gaskets and Seals

Keep in mind that several fire doors should have gaskets and seals to ensure the office space has a tight seal. However, not only does it work to create an airtight room, but it also works by preventing smoke from passing through the other side. The gaskets and seals are crucial because smoke generated from the building fire will most likely cause fatalities.

You can find many building fires that suffered dozens of fatalities due to inhalation of the thick smoke. If the fire is spreading from one area within your office, the fire doors installed with gaskets and seals can keep the smoke contained for a while. The time it takes to contain the smoke is enough time for everyone to exit the building without a problem, significantly reducing the chances of casualties.

Remember that every commercial building will need fire doors to adhere to fire safety codes. If you think your office is not adhering to fire safety codes, contact an inspector to know how you can achieve it. For more industrial door options, check out Larnec Doors.

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