Choosing the best recruitment software for temp and permanent agencies


Recruitment software for temporary and permanent recruitment agencies cater to the specific needs of these businesses. While the objective is the same – enabling an easy and efficient hiring process – the features required for each of these firms are different. An appropriate recruitment CRM, thus, must be selected carefully by the decision-makers.

Recruitment software for temp agencies

Temp recruitment software must comprise certain features if they are to help generate winning placements. These are great help in bolstering quick assignments and quality work.

  • Simple shift planners
  • Online timesheets
  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Self-billing and raising invoices facility

A temps recruitment agency software boosts efficiency through the various recruiting solution it provides. Temps recruiters have to source, match and place applicants swiftly. There is an extremely fast-faced workflow to manage. Recruiters in temp agencies go through hundreds of CVs in a day to find the right candidate. They might be called upon suddenly to fill many vacancies at once.

Due to the online shift planners and timesheets, recruiters can now spend less time on complicated spreadsheets trying to manage candidate availability. Temp recruitment software also helps recruiters, temp workers and employers easily track time and attendance. This is advantageous as the workers can quickly key in their proper work hours while the managers can instantly confirm and sign off the payment.

Recruitment software for permanent recruiting agencies

In order to recruit top candidates for permanent positions, recruiters need a suitable recruitment CRM solution. To develop intelligent recruiting, the software system for perm placements must support:

  • Easy job posting
  • Comprehensive compliance functionality
  • Automatic CV posting and formatting
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Seamless integration with social media

A great CRM software must support all recruiting activities starting with job posting and talent management. The social media integration feature is critical as every recruiting process relies on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. It’s the most reliable place to source passive candidates or just to find qualified candidates in general.

A good recruiting system is also beneficial for its comprehensive compliance checks that are mandatory. Compliance checks are necessary and have legal repercussions/hefty fines if not the steps are not followed correctly. Working with CRM software makes this a very straightforward process for recruiters.

Necessary for permanent and temp recruiting agencies

The best recruiting software for permanent and temp agencies will include a cloud-based recruiting solution. The primary advantage of cloud-based CRM software solution is the ease of access when it comes to storing, accessing and sharing documents. Remote recruiting and working has been made easier due to cloud storage. It helps foster team collaboration and a smoother workflow.

Many recruiting CRM suppliers also offer mobile applications. It’s easy to state why this is a welcome addition. Now proactive recruiters can continue their work even when away from their computer device. Hiring is a competitive job, once that requires recruiters to be agile as they locate a potential candidate or when reaching out to top talent. They also need to be prompt when communicating with clients. So mobile apps are very useful as they are an extension of the software. From pulling up reports to sending a quick message or finding a particular resume to show to clients, everything is made convenient through the app. Recruitment Software is the most trusted and essential software agencies in business platforms.

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