Choosing Between Matter Lamination & Gloss Lamination


Every business working on the products and goods has to pass through the process of developing their custom boxes with logos. For the same reason, the businesses have to choose the lamination type for the product packaging, ranging from gloss lamination to matte lamination. The custom boxes with logos by WeCustomBoxes are pretty great since they offer versatility in lamination. Truth be told, choosing the lamination type seems like an easy task but it has incredible cruciality.

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This is because your choice during the printing process will impact the consequences. For this purpose, the businesses must have in-depth information about gloss lamination and matte lamination. It helps them choose a promising choice. With this article, we have laid out information about different lamination types.

Lamination – What Does It Mean?

Before we dwell on the matte and gloss lamination, we must understand the concept of lamination. So, lamination is a step in the printing process where the clear plastic is attached to the printed product. The primary objective of lamination is enhancing the durability and strengthening the product packaging. Generally, lamination is applied to both sides of the packaging, hence the delivery of a protective shield to the packaging.

The lamination helps prevent scuffs and smudges, but it will also improve the appearance. For instance, the factors like moisture, tears, and stains will adversely influence durability but lamination offers protection to all these factors. On top of everything, lamination helps enhance the colors on the packaging and make them pop out. The lamination promises higher noticeability and is great for products that have to be handled frequently.

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Matte Lamination

The matte lamination is designed to offer a natural appearance and looks soft. It doesn’t reflect the light as much as gloss lamination does which makes the product packaging easy to read. With matte lamination, the hues and colors won’t have sharp contrast and won’t be vivid. The matte lamination delivers a subtle effect, so if your brand is about minimalism, matte lamination is a promising choice. The feel of matte lamination is velvety with a soft texture that’s equally protective.

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Gloss Lamination

As the name suggests, gloss lamination is designed to offer a shiny appearance which increments the appearance of vibrant colors. Usually, the gloss lamination is generally used for the products that must be heavily marketing. This is because gloss lamination adds the sophistication level without compromising on professionalism. All in all, the product packaging with gloss lamination shall stand out on the store shelves.

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When it comes down to protection, matte as well as gloss lamination offers protection and durability, but it mainly differs in appearance. This is because the lamination will impact the entire outlook and appearance of the product. At this point, we want to outline that matte lamination will absorb the light while gloss lamination reflects the light.

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Making The Choice For Lamination

Matte Lamination

The users must use the matte lamination for their packaging when your products have to be placed under the sunlight. It helps reduce the harsh glare without compromising on the ease of readability and visibility. The retail packaging doesn’t need excessive handling which makes matte lamination suitable. This is because the matte lamination can be damaged through scuffs or scratches if shuffled around too much. The matte lamination for product packaging is an optimal choice for people who want elegant and professional packaging. Lastly, if your packaging has subtle or muted colors, matte lamination will look amazing.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination for product packaging is preferred when you need the colors to stand out on the packaging and don’t have issues with glare. Secondly, gloss lamination is cost-effective when compared to matte lamination. If the product has to be handled too much, gloss will be sufficient because it adds an additional protection layer; the protection is promised from smudges and scuffs. Even more, the gloss lamination is easy to clean. In addition, there are some gloss lamination variants that resist fingerprints.

Think About Your Consumers

While you are still nudging your head to choose the correct lamination, you must decipher the consumers and what they will think about specific lamination. During these times, the eCommerce packaging has to be durable with online shopping; it must be attention-capturing. For instance, if your customers are looking for show-stopper products, gloss laminate will be a way to go. On the contrary, if your consumers need something vibrant, gloss lamination is the ultimate choice.

Look & Feel

The customers often question, which is the right lamination but the answers depend on your preferences. For instance, if you want a sophisticated feel with soft and velvety textures, matte lamination is your ultimate option. On the contrary, if your product demands vibrant and shiny packaging, gloss lamination is your companion.

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