Choose The Best Leased Line Provider – Factors To Consider


After deliberating on the benefits of a leased line over broadband for internet connectivity you decide on switching from a broadband internet India connection to a leased line. But do you know how to identify the right leased line provider? Read further to get an insight into the various factors that will help you identify the right leased line provider.

Difference between broadband Internet India and leased line

The major difference between broadband internet India and leased line is the speed and the symmetry in speed for both uploads and downloads. Here are some of the notable differences between the two internet connections

Broadband Leased line
Shared connection Dedicated connection
Connection speed is slower Connection speed is faster
No Service Level Agreements Service Level Agreements available
Economical Comparatively expensive
Can go down during peak hours Reliable
Connection shared with third parties. Higher risk of hacking. No exchange of information on public network and vital information is secure. Lesser risk of hacking

Factors to consider to choose the best leased line provider

There are broadband internet India plans promising high-speed with extensive bandwidths. Since the broadband network is a shared network, a snag in the performance is an expected feature during peak hours when multiple users are accessing the connection simultaneously. For businesses that require consistent speed and performance, leased lines are a better option. 

The factors you will have to consider before choosing the leased line service provider are:

#1. Packages available

A popular leased line service provider will have various packages with different speeds and features and you will be able to choose a plan that fits your company’s needs instead of a general package that might not be what your company needs.

#2. Cost

Narrow down the requirement of your company and when you have decided on the services required, do market research on the various pricing available for the services bundle that you need. Quality and pricing should be the deciding factor to choose the service provider. The survey is only to ascertain that you will not overspend for a leased line package that could be economical.

#3. Installation time 

The installation time depends on the infrastructure required to install a leased line in a particular location. The service provider should be able to give you an assessment of the time required for the installation and should be in a position to reason out the factors that could slow down or quicken the installation process. 

#4. The Service Level Agreement

Every leased line service provider will come up with a Service Level Agreement that covers penalties and enforcement options. The SLA covers various important aspects including the connection speed, time taken to resolve issues, uptime, availability etc. Comparison of SLA is very important as providing a leased line is a long-term association and problems are bound to arise.

#5. Availability of Customer Care Support

Customer Care support is one critical aspect when you are looking for the best leased line service provider. When you have a problem with the connection, you should be able to get immediate assistance for the business transactions to bounce back. Time lost in business activities can lead to huge financial loss. 

The points to be ascertained concerning the customer care support of the leased line service provider is whether the ISP has an in-house customer care team or has to outsource the calls. Will you be directed to an expert to deal with your issue or have to report the issue to various persons in the call centre before you reach out to the concerned person? Every minute lost is money lost in business and so instant response to a call is a priority when choosing the best leased line service provider.

The leased lines are reliable with negligible downtime. But if ever it happens you should have the support of an efficient customer care team that can resolve the issue in the shortest time. Alternatively, you can buy a secondary connection as well, to support your needs when the primary is down. Also, customer care support should be accessible 24×7 as technical issues can crop up at any time.

#6. Customer Review about the ISP

Read customer reviews about the leased line service provider. Check what does the review say about the after-sales service, the performance, the reliability, etc. Check how long the service provider has been in this business. Consider customer reviews about their experience with the installation process, customer care support, etc. This will give an idea of how proactive a particular service provider is which will help you make a decision.

#7. Amendment of packages

The right assessment of the bandwidth and other features required for your company at the time of installation is very crucial. The service provider should be able to make any amendment has the initial package in terms of connectivity speed and service features as quickly as possible or you will be stuck with a package that will not be adequate to meet the requirements of your company.


A leased line is a better pick for businesses in comparison with the broadband internet India connection. A leased line is curated to your company’s requirement to improve productivity and performance. But a service provider should be able to meet your requirements and should satisfy all the factors mentioned above. A comparison of leased line providers will enable you to pick the right one in terms of the price, customer care support, Service Level Agreement and packages.


What are the factors to be considered while choosing the best leased line provider?

The main aspects to be considered while determining the quality of leased line providers are:

  • The broadband connection type.
  • The speed of the internet connection
  • The various plans and the quote
  • Offers and discounts that bring the cost down
  • Whether customer support is available 24×7
  • Reliability
  • Ensure that the speed is consistent without any interruptions that could disrupt your business activities.

Is a leased line advantageous?

Yes. The prime advantage of a leased line is it is a dedicated connection without access to the rest of the public or businesses in your vicinity. This defines the security of your business data as there is no third-party intervention. The entire bandwidth is solely for your business and there will be no interruptions even if multiple users of your organisation access the connection simultaneously.

How does a leased line help your business?

The speed is symmetric in a leased line. With this, the download and upload of data can be done at the same speed. It benefits when employees have to send large files, upload large files onto the website of the business and also when employees are working remotely from their homes.

What role do the ISPs have in an internet connection?

The main role of ISPs is to provide web access to consumers as well as businesses. Additionally, they may also provide services like email, domain registration, browser services and web hosting.

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