Chest Of Drawers – The Magic Furniture That Every Home Should Have!


Having ample storage to store accessories is one of the important elements to have harmonious living. Of course, you have the wardrobes as the main storage space, but it is never enough. One of the other perfect storage solutions which suit different needs is the chest of drawers. A stylish set of drawers not only accentuates your space but also helps you to stay organised. These versatile furniture pieces come in many configurations, styles, and designs. Before you browse for the chest of drawers online on popular websites like Wakefit, it is essential to know how to pick the right ones that suit your needs. This article will guide you to make the perfect choice for your space.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Chest Of Drawers 


Like all other pieces of furniture, the foremost consideration to make is the size you need. The size should be based on the space availability and the amount of storage space needed. Measure the floor and wall space available to ensure enough space to move around without bumping into them and getting injured.

  • If you have a small room, it is best to go vertical. There are many tall and slim drawers that are narrow. But make sure to check the depth to suit your storage needs. For example, if you plan to store your bedspread, it may be very shallow for your needs.
  • If you are purchasing a kid’s room, ensure that the height is such that the child can easily reach the top drawer. It is best to choose chests that are low in height so that there are fewer chances of it toppling if the kid decides to climb on it.
  • A low chest of drawers is a good option for all other bedrooms as it does not take wall space so that you can place art pieces or shelving units above them. However, a low chest of drawers is usually broader, so it occupies more space. But it is best to place bulky items like blankets.


The style of chest of drawers should be as per the other furniture you have in your room. Look around the room and match the chest of drawers as closely as possible with the other furniture you already have. You can also choose a completely different style to make it a statement piece. Simple and plain styles that are neutral combine well with any type of furniture you have. Some of the style options you have are:

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  • Vintage
  • Mid-century
  • Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Contemporary
  • Simple

While considering the style, try to buy one that has enough storage. The most common options are two or three drawers, but others have more than three. Usually, those with more than three drawers have smaller drawer heights.


When it comes to shape, there are three main types:

  • Corner chest of drawers: This design is created for effective use of corner space and is also used in layouts that are not standard. They are ideal for smaller rooms as they allow the use of corner space that is often unused.
  • Rectangular chest of drawers: This is among the common shapes and comes in many options of 2,3 drawers of different widths and lengths.
  • Curved chest of drawers: These can be in semicircular, circular, and other complex designs. These are suitable when you have a theme and want to suit your interior.

The shape should be based on where you plan to install. The bedroom chest of drawers is usually more multi-functional and simple.


The material the chest of drawers is made of has a huge impact on the aesthetics it provides to your space. While wood is the most popular and common material used for making chests of drawers, plastic ones are also available. But to get a good vibe, a wooden chest of drawers is ideal as they are sturdy, pleasing to look at and work well for all styles. Additionally, they come in many hues, which helps to make the interiors more pleasing. Suppose you are worried that the wooden chest of drawer online will cost you a lot. Though solid wood can be a little pricy, there are options like the Sheesham wood in solid wood, which are affordable. There is also a wide range of laminate choices to choose from if the price is a constraint.

Other Features to look for

Some chests of drawers have some extra features which can be useful in some homes. For instance, they have castors instead of legs for easy movement. They may have glass tops to make it look attractive, which is ideal for a living room chest of drawers. Look to purchase durable furniture. That can only happen when the best quality material is used for manufacturing. Also, choose an environment-friendly option as it is safe for everyone. Opt for a multi-functional one as it can avoid clutter.

There are a number of styles and configuration options when looking to buy a chest of drawers in the market. So it is essential to make the right buying decisions as it can lead to impulsive buying. So to ensure that it is an ideal fit as per your needs, space and style, follow the above guidelines and choose the best chest of drawers.

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