Check E Challan Status Online & How To Pay It?


The system of e challan in India has made it very convenient for drivers and vehicle owners to check and pay their traffic violation fees online. An e challan is a digitalized receipt of any traffic rule violation. You can do an e challan check online at any time and instantly make the payment in a safe and quick manner. Take a look at this article to know more about the e challan check and how to use the service effectively.

What is an e challan?

Before you know more about the e challan check, here’s a lowdown on what an e challan actually is. An e challan is a digital fine receipt that you get when you commit a traffic rule violation. The CCTV cameras placed on the roadside capture the incident. Then, the cops retrieve the vehicle’s registration number from the video grab. Using the traffic database, the owner’s details are found. Then, depending on the type of traffic violation, a challan is issued. This is sent digitally to the offender and is known as an e challan. Once received, the driver can use the QR code on the e challan to scan and make an instant online payment. Alternatively, he or she can also visit the nearest RTO and make a cash payment.

This is a very advanced and well-developed traffic challan system that aids both the traffic cops as well as the vehicle owners to a great extent. Give it a try and you will see how beneficial it is.

Payment for e challan

As stated, the process to pay an e challan online is very simple. All you have to do is log in and make the payment. Here is a look at the easy steps to follow when applying for an e challan:

  • Visit the official portal of the transport department
  • Select the “Online traffic challan payment”
  • Choose the violation category
  • You will then see an e challan which you need to fill
  • Enter the registration number of your vehicle
  • Check the fine amount you need to pay
  • Choose the type of online payment you wish to make (card, net banking, wallet, etc)
  • After successfully paying the amount, you will get a text message declaring the challan has been cleared

As you can see, these are some very simple steps that help you to pay the e-challan with ease and convenience. Choose the online payment method and clear your dues right away!

Offline payment option

If for some reason you cannot make the payment online, you can carry out an e challan check online and then make the payment offline at the RTO or the nearest police station as well. To do this you have to:

  • Print a copy of the e challan or take a copy of the physical challan if you have it
  • Show it to the officer at the station
  • Make the payment in cash and clear all the dues

To make an offline payment, you need to visit the police station or the RTO during their office hours. The process will take more time than the online payment which can be done instantly all-round the clock.

Advantages of paying the dues online

It is quite obvious that the online payment mode is handy and beneficial. Here are some advantages you get when you pay an e challan online:

1. Quick

One of the biggest benefits you get is that your time is saved. If you need to go to the RTO or police station, you need to travel, wait for your turn, etc. All this takes up your precious time. However, when paying the e challan online, you complete it in just a few minutes and your time is saved.

1. Safe

The online payment method is very safe and efficient. The entire process is automated so you don’t have to worry about dealing with fraud at any level. Also, there is a lot of transparency involved in the process. The information on the traffic violation, fines, payment – everything is transparent and for everyone to see.

3. Hasslefree

And finally, you get a lot of conveniences. From having instant access to being able to make safe payments, there are many hassle-free advantages you get when you pay the e challan online. Make use of the advantages and pay your e challan with ease.

If you received an e challan, definitely look for an online payment option as that will make the job a lot simpler for you.

In conclusion

It is important to follow the traffic rules when driving a vehicle. If however for some reason you end up violating a rule, you should do an e challan check and pay the dues right away. Doing so makes you a responsible citizen. This is why you should pay your e challan online without delay.

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