Changes To Free Kicks and Corner Kicks In FIFA 23


FIFA 23 improves the free kicks and corner kicks system by making these moves more intuitive and easier to control.

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How Free Kicks and Corner Kicks Work in FIFA 23

Let’s see the controls first. The left stick is used to pan the camera and change the direction of the kick. The right stick controls the reticle behind the ball which changes the elevation, kick style, and curl. Follow the preview trajectory line to see how the kick goes. The new system for these types of kicks uses four attributes. The shot power stat determines the travel speed of the ball. The curve attribute controls the maximum ball trajectory curve. Footballers that have high curve can apply more side and top or back spin to the ball. The crossing attribute is responsible for the maximum elevation in lob passes. You will have more control without losing speed. The free kick accuracy attribute controls the max lift for all free kick shots. Speed is not lost. Footballers that have high crossing or high free kick accuracy are capable of better powered shots with a decreased impact on accuracy. FIFA 23 makes shooting under the wall more viable. Defending options have been added against these free kicks. Defending player can now lie down behind the wall. The left stick is used to get close to the back of the wall. Only one footballer can lie down at a time. If you move the left stick from the wall, the footballer will be removed. You can practice free kicks and penalty kicks in the practice arena. The set pieces mode is enabled with the D-Pad up key. The left stick selects a location. X or A buttons are used for confirmation. You can do free kicks from anywhere outside the box. The distance between the ball and the box determines the size of the wall. You can request a set piece inside the box to do a penalty kick. The PlayStation 5 controller has new vibrations for penalty kicks, power shots, and missed tackles. The trainer has improved user interface elements for defending, offside indicator, and shot target.

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