Certifications that will help you become better at Automation Testing


Automation testing is driving the IT industry with pace by offering faster test cycles and continuous delivery of products. At present, there is a huge demand in this profession, as it requires certified testers who have experience in automation testing. Whether it’s an IT firm or an independent client, they all look for certified professionals when it comes to outsourcing the software testing work. Thus, having a certification in automation testing has become the need of the hour for individuals interested in the automation testing field. 

A certification not only improves your profile but also acts as a catalyst to enhance your knowledge and change the way you think. It even teaches you how to organize your tests better and think strategically to have a long-term vision. With thousands of certifications available online, it could be challenging to select the best automation testing certification program.

In this article, we will talk about the certifications that can help you become a certified professional in automation testing. These certification programs are ideal for all individuals to help them gain a competitive advantage in the automation testing field.

Importance of Automation Testing Certification

A certification in automation testing could be a game-changer for you. It can help you get on the top of the recruiter’s list who are looking for automation testers.

  • Encourages you to enhance your practical knowledge in both manual and automation testing
  • Help you gain skills and knowledge that recruiters look for in a QA professional
  • Allow you to fill the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Enhance your existing knowledge while allowing you to stay aware of new software testing methodologies or processes
  • Learn about the latest trends and technologies used in automation testing
  • Provide an overview of various frameworks and languages used in automation testing
  • Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile to get recognition from employers

Top 5 Software Testing Certification Programs

The list of automation testing certifications is quite lengthy, and not every certificate is worth your time and money. However, the below-mentioned certifications are recognized by industries all across the world.

  • Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST)

Offered by the Quality Assurance Institute in the USA, this certification can help you fill the gaps between your practical and theoretical knowledge. It provides a foundation level of competence in the principles and practices of software testing.

It is ideally prepared for beginners who want to break into the software testing industry with automation knowledge.

Prerequisites for CAST:

To apply for CAST certification, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 3 or 4 years of a graduate degree from an accredited college-level institution
  • A 2-year degree from an accredited college-level institution with one year of experience in the IT field
  • Three years of working experience in the IT field

How to Apply:

Every individual can easily apply for the CAST certification by logging into their customer portal account. However, if you’re new to the portal, you’ll have to register yourself and then apply.


After studying the material, you are required to complete 100 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes to obtain your certification.

The fee for CAST certification is 100$, which is a bit expensive for most individuals.

  • LambdaTest Certifications

If you’re just beginning with automation testing and want to achieve success for the long-term, then LambdaTest automation testing certifications are the best options to begin with. LambdaTest is focused on teaching you all the essential concepts of Selenium Course with its resume-worthy Selenium certifications.

There are currently three certifications available on the platform, out of which Selenium 101 is presently accessible. This certification is ideal for beginners to teach them how to stay ahead among professionals to grow their career in Selenium automation testing.

Prerequisites for LambdaTest Certification:

There are no such requisites to enroll in Selenium certification. However, if you want to enroll in the TestNG and Protractor certification program, you must fulfill the below criteria:

  • Adequate knowledge of TestNG framework
  • At least one year of understanding in manual testing scenarios
  • Basic knowledge of Protractor tool for automation

Benefits of LambdaTest Certifications:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in software testing and test automation with access to the Learning Hub
  • Earn a professional badge of honor recognized globally by the IT industry
  • Schedule a demo before paying any fee to enroll in the program

How to Apply:

To apply for the certification, visit the LambdaTest Certification portal and click the Start Now button on the desired certification program.

The fee for LambdaTest certifications is very low. Any individual can easily take up the program and improve their automation testing profile.

  • International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

It is one of the oldest players in the history of software testing certification providers. It is headquartered in Belgium, with multiple exam centers across the world. If you pass the ISTQB certification, you can establish yourself as a professional tester in any leading organization. It will deliver you with all the knowledge and study material you need to learn about various software testing approaches.

This certification is ideal for getting foundational testing roles, such as test analyst, tester, or testing consultant. There are three levels of certifications offered by ISTQB, which include:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Advanced Level 
  • ISTQB Expert Level

Who can Enroll for ISTQB Certification?

The ISTQB certification can be taken by any individual based on their knowledge and exam level, such as:

  • For degree holders in the IT sector with two years of experience in testing
  • For non-bachelor degree holders in computer science with five years of experience
  • Advanced certificate to appear for the Expert level certification of ISTQB

How to Prepare for the Exams?

After enrolling for any level certification exam, you’ll be provided with study material and reference books for self-study. Besides, you can also gain additional knowledge from your working experience.

How to Apply:

ISTQB partners with different software testing boards to hold the certification exam in various countries. Thus, you’ll have to get in touch with your regional or national board for details about exam dates, exam fees, and other information.

The fee for ISTQB certification varies based on the certification level and the country from where you’re applying for it.

  • Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST)

This is an advanced level software testing certification program that is prepared for professional testers. It will help you establish a worldwide standard for assessing the capabilities and competencies that you need as a software testing manager. Earning this certification will allow you to acquire the essential principles and practices of software testing.

Prerequisites for CMST

To qualify for the certification, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college-level institution
  • Four years of experience in software testing
  • Associate-level degree with six years of experience in the software testing field
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in the software testing domain

How to Prepare for the Exam?

Candidates enrolling for this certification will receive a 609 pages Software Testing Body of Knowledge for CMST book in PDF format. This book contains all the information and material required to learn for the CMST exam. With this book, you’ll cover four areas of software testing, including:

  • Test Management
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Planning and Execution
  • Communications and Relationships

How to Apply for Certification?

To apply for the CMST exam, you need to register with the customer portal account on their website, or if you already have an account, login with your credentials.

The fee for the CMST certification exam is $450, which is worth it because every IT company highly recognizes this certification in the world.

  • Certified Agile Software Test Professional Practitioner Level (CASTP-P)

Offered by the International Institute of Software Testing, this certification program is ideally prepared for test professionals who want to adapt to agile projects’ culture. It will help you gain the advanced skills required to work in an agile environment. Moreover, it will enhance your communication skills, team management skills, dynamics skills and enable you to work in a fast-paced, iterative, and incremental project model.

Who Could Benefit from this Certification?

This is a professional testing certification program, which is ideal for many professionals, such as:

  • Testing professionals interested in working on Agile projects
  • Test lead and managers involved in managing the test efforts in agile projects
  • Developers involved in performing effective testing in agile projects

Prerequisites for CASTP-P:

It generally requires two provisions to attempt the CASTP-P certification exam:

  • Individual must have a certification in software testing on the associate level
  • One year of minimum experience in the software testing related job

How to Prepare for the Exam?

Before attempting the certification exam, you’ll cover three days of training that focuses on the following topics:

  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Agile Requirement Exploration and Requirement Management
  • Agile Test Design and Test Execution

The fee for the CASTP-P certification exam is $855 per person, which includes both the training and certification exam. Besides, an additional non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged after passing the exam.


The above certification programs are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and study material that you need to become a certified automation testing professional. Besides, these certifications will provide you with additional knowledge of various testing frameworks and tools used during automation testing. So, go through each certification program in detail and select the best certification of your choice.

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