CBD for athletes, a good idea or not?


More and more people are enjoying the benefits of CBD. This also applies to athletes and top athletes, a number of well-known names swear by the use of this natural dietary supplement. But why is CBD so popular with athletes and what can it mean for your fitness and recovery? Below you can read everything you need to know about CBD benefits in sports.

An emerging phenomenon in top sport

Exercise is known for the good feeling it gives you. In the beginning it takes a while, but after some time in motion, a euphoric feeling often arises. This is caused by the lucky substances endorphins and anandamide. The latter is called an endocannabinoid – a natural cannabinoid that the endocannabinoid system in your body produces on its own.

As an endocannabinoid, anandamide binds excellently with cannabinoids. One of these is cannabidiol (CBD), a substance that in turn reacts to the TRPV-1 and Adenosine receptors in the body. Top athletes have now discovered that the interaction between anandamide, CBD and the body’s own receptors leads to very interesting effects.

Useful from strength training to running

The most famous effect of CBD is the calming influence it has. Especially when the production of anandamide peaks – such as in athletes during sports – this property comes to the fore. But cannabidiol also affects:

  • Inflammatory reactions in the body
  • Pain sensation
  • Body temperature
  • Cardiovascular blood flow
  • Stress regulation
    • Muscle strain
  • Injuries and physical recovery

These promising properties for athletes mean that CBD is now popular in all branches of sport. From bodybuilders hoping to speed up their post-workout muscle recovery to runners looking to reduce typical aches and injuries. Because of its calming effect, cannabidiol is also widely used in the yoga world, where it is taken before or after class for more focus (for example on breathing) or better physical recovery.

How can I best take CBD oil as an athlete?

In January last year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the doping list. Since then, the organization has been inundated with positive reactions from the sports world. Elite athletes from all sports regularly use CBD in their training programs and even promote its use. But how do they actually take their CBD?

The most popular method is still the use of CBD oil. The oil is easy to drip under the tongue and therefore accurately dose. Capsules are also popular, because they are easy to take along with other sports nutrition supplements. 

A number of other methods are in vogue specifically in the sports world. Athletes with muscle-intensive workouts, for example, swear by the use of CBD skin balm, which can be applied to tired muscles immediately after training and is often combined with a professional massage.

Which CBD is best for athletes?

All athletes who use CBD have one thing in common: they always choose a brand of the best quality. As an athlete, it is extra important not to burden your body with contaminants, THC or other substances that can have a negative impact on your health or performance.

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