Caviar presentation: all you need to know


The delicacy attracts the attention of gourmets because there are many ways to serve caviar. Every time you buy caviar, it is possible to gain valuable experience and become a new fan of the exquisite treat.

You can open up an unusual bouquet of flavors in different ways. Combining caviar with other products is also quite interesting. But it’s worth learning as much as you can about caviar presentation at home and at the party to get the ins and outs of it.

A Traditional Caviar Service

A traditional caviar service is good for anyone who has already discovered the delicacy of sturgeon caviar. A few simple guidelines from Bester Caviar, the renowned supplier of quality seafood, will be necessary to create an outstanding experience.

To prepare for the reception of your guests, you need to remember the important serving requirements:

  1. Keep caviar fresh. The impression you get from the delicacy depends largely on the freshness of the product. Try not to open the jar in advance, because after opening it, you will have only 24 hours for consumption. Keeping it cold is another important condition.
  2. Use the right utensils. The caviar is served in glass or porcelain plates. In addition, you can buy special servers. Next, take care to have the right nacre or glass spoons.
  3. Prepare a drink. The best accompaniment to the caviar will be dry white wine, vodka or champagne. These three drinks are popular for a reason – the taste of alcohol should not prevent you from enjoying the exquisite bouquet.

To have the opportunity to serve caviar properly, you need to prepare ice to maintain the optimum temperature. Heating the product affects the taste, so you should avoid such situations. The tips will make a delicacy the main treat on your table.

Best way to eat caviar

The procedure for eating caviar involves not only preparing a pure product, but also creating combinations with other ingredients. You can learn more about the existing ways of decorating dishes by reading the popular recipes.

Caviar and seafood

There is never much seafood, so don’t pass up this opportunity. Crab scallops, salmon tartare and small tortillas are good to serve. You can also delight your guests with oysters with caviar and complete your table with champagne or dry wine.

Caviar and potatoes

The neutral flavor of potatoes is perfect for creating a gourmet dish. In this case, you can prepare baked potatoes, golden mashed potatoes or chips. Hashbrowns is another option. Add a little creme fraiche with caviar and a tasty treat is ready to serve.

Caviar and eggs

Don’t know how to serve caviar? It’s worth considering the option of using scrambled eggs. The uncomplicated taste of a simple dish will not affect the bouquet of the delicacy, and there will be no difficulty with the preparation. Have you ever thought that caviar is suitable for breakfast? The delicacy can also be used for a delicious lunch.

Hard-boiled eggs are used as a pillow for the caviar grits. In this case, the main thing is not to overcook and take the pan off the stove in time. Add some green onions and finish garnishing the dish with adding quality caviar.

Caviar and pasta

An unexpected combination is one of the most original, because few people are prepared for such a serving in advance. To prepare the dish, you will need to use small pasta, which is necessary to create a pillow. Such untried ways to serve caviar will allow you to surprise your guests and pamper them with a delicious side dish.

Caviar and breads

Toasts on the table with caviar will definitely attract the attention of guests. To create the dish, you will need to give preference to:

  • lean flour products;
  • pancakes made of buckwheat flour;
  • small pancakes.

This option has become one of the traditional caviar service. The tradition of consumption has deep roots, so the idea should not be questioned. You will get the pleasure you originally hoped for!


Caviar is an exquisite ingredient for the preparation of unusual dishes, which arouses interest in many generations. The way the delicacy is served does not affect the bouquet of flavor that lurks in the caviar grains. Compliance with the key conditions will allow you to enjoy the original appetizer and surprise guests with a high level of preparation.

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