Career options after choosing commerce as a subject after 10th


Are you looking for the right career after your class 10th board exams? If you are reading about career options after the 10th, this is the right blog to read. It is needless to say that commerce as a career offers you many opportunities in various sectors. You just need to grab those opportunities with your skill. Joining commerce coaching classes is not the only thing that matters. You have to put in your hard work to make sure you are going on the right path.

So, coming to commerce as a career, there are a lot of things that you must know. But before moving on to the detail, here is a brief description of commerce.


Commerce as a stream is one of the immensely broad streams with a wide array of disciplinary specs. From media marketing to business management, you can learn everything in commerce. Besides, from a wide array of subjects, you can also choose the subjects you want to read. So, if you are about to choose a career stream after your class 10th, here are some top reasons to choose commerce.

Choosing commerce after class 10th

  • Commerce stream includes professional courses. Some of the significant subjects in commerce are accountancy, economy, and business studies. So, reading this stream will offer you an impeccable understanding of business. You can make your foundations strong in the commercial and corporate world. And that’s not all! Commerce offers you the highest-paid jobs like company secretary, Chartered accountant, financial analyst, and many more.
  • Commerce is also a stream that offers you a wide range of subject combinations. You can learn management courses to get jobs in the marketing management sectors. Further, you can also move on to media management, hotel management, fashion management, and many more.
  • Commerce is also a sought-after career stream. Reading commerce will help you learn about the basic concepts of business. You will learn about theories based on real-world experience. So, this will help you tackle different situations in a business environment.

Subject to learn in commerce after class 10th

If you choose commerce as a stream after your class 10th, you will come across several subjects in your 11th Commerce Books. It includes:


This is a subject that will help you process and communicate the financial data of a business. As the name suggests, you will analyze and evaluate the results of a business organization.

Business studies 

Business studies are a subject that will help you learn about various aspects of a business. With modern techniques, you will learn about the processes and frameworks involved in a business. Besides, you will also learn how to run a business successfully.


In class 11th commerce, you will learn about the basics of economics. You will learn about the national and international markets. And you can also learn how to drive the economy of a country.


In conclusion, this is all about choosing commerce as a career option after 10th. However, the final call must be yours; this is because; choosing a career is like achieving a long term goal. So, you have to be cautious before engaging in any career option. After completing all your studies when you are going for an interview, you need a proper resume. Check resume templates.


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