Career Choices in 2021 for a Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering 

With every passing year, the job market is becoming immensely competitive. Over thousands of qualified graduates, these days, compete with one another for landing a coveted and high-paying job. Among all engineering specializations, a considerable number of students opt for pursuing the electrical engineering course in their graduation. It is believed that with a B.Tech/B.E. degree in electrical engineering, landing a lucrative and rewarding job becomes relatively easy.

Society is getting benefitted and making significant progress with the constant evolution of technology. Therefore, the demand for qualified engineers specialized in electrical engineering has always remained higher in various industries, including healthcare, oil & gas, chemical, construction, transportation, robotics, and many more. Every year, many qualified electrical engineering graduates from the best EE colleges in Chhattisgarh get the opportunity to work with nationally reputed companies.

Read on the following to know what careers you can pursue in 2021 after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Instrumentation Engineer

When it comes to accomplishing objectives like enhancing efficiency, productivity, reliability, safety, security, stability, etc., industries that have to deal with automated procedures rely on an instrumentation engineer. An instrumentation engineer’s job responsibility is to design, develop, install, and handle a wide range of equipment for monitoring and controlling purposes. With an electrical engineering degree, you can pursue your career as an instrumentation engineer in the public sector and work with nationally and globally renowned private companies.

Telecom Engineer

Those who possess expertise analyzing new telecommunication network technologies and giving valuable suggestions pertinent to integration are telecom engineers. One of the key job responsibilities of a telecommunication engineer is ensuring requisite maintenance and support. Yearly, a good number of electrical engineering graduates from the top colleges of Chhattisgarh pursue careers as telecom engineers. Such engineers are responsible for designing and installing a wide array of telecommunication devices.

Micro Electrical Engineer

Noone other than a professional micro-electrical engineer can better design an electronic device, IT equipment, biomedical instruments, aerospace devices, etc. Being one of the critical divisions of electronics, microelectronics focuses on the design of minute electronic parts such as semiconductors, microchips, and circuit boards. The knowledge one gains while studying electrical engineering eventually helps to a great extent in planning and building prototypes of semiconductors, circuit chips, and panels.

Electrical Design Engineer

Companies that are involved in developing an extensive range of electrical appliances hire proficient electrical design engineers. It is mainly because of their vast knowledge and unparalleled skills; electrical design engineers can quickly develop new electrical instruments for multiple applications. Know that you have to possess commendable communication, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills to pursue and establish your career as an electrical design engineer.

With a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, you can also find excellent employment opportunities in diverse sectors, including aerospace, chemicals and electronics, marine and railway, and defense. Aside from full-time career options, an electrical engineering degree also facilitates you to earn a substantial amount of money by pursuing part-time jobs.

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