Cards Against Muggles: A magical game for adult Potterheads


The magical series of Harry Potter books have millions of fans all over the world. These Potterheards keep looking for new ways to indulge themselves in life at Hogwarts. If you’re a true muggle, you probably spend most of your time reading stories written by fans or reimagining the scenes from the book in your mind. Get ready to be surprised because we have a brand new way for you to go back into the world of adventures. No need to leave your home for this adventure because you can have it in the palm of your hands! Cards Against Muggles is going to make your days much better.

Cards Against Muggles is a Harry Potter-themed board game based on the famous Cards Against Humanity. It is made for all the houses of Hogwarts, including the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. It doesn’t matter which house you belong to; you will all join hands to play this entertaining game together. The curiosity of what’s in the next card will not let you stop playing.

What’s amazing about this party game is that its creators are true Muggles. The cards have references to all Harry Potter characters and classic scenes that no one can forget. As the online shop show, there are 1440 cards in the deck, which will keep you entertained from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. However, we must warn you, the game is only for adult players. There might be some jokes or references which might upset some people, so choose your players wisely.

Be ready to travel back into the alchemy world, this time filled with laughter and memories. Do you want to know what the party game has packed for you? We will give you some glimpses. What do you think would be the appropriate response to the card “Quirrell is hiding ____ under his turban”? What about “Voldemort’s nose”? We’ll let you come up with a hilarious answer to the card, saying “After months of practicing magic, I think I’m finally ready for…”. We know you already imagine other cards in the game.

We know you’re excited for this party game. It is already really popular among the Harry Potter community, and the fans are loving the game. The creators of the game have given all the Muggles and Potterheads around the world a new way to relive their fantasies. No need to wait anymore. Let your imagination run wild and get yourself the amazing party game Cards Against Muggles. Enjoy riddikulus party nights with friends and revisit old memories.

If you are prepared to escape into the world of your dreams, brace yourself and order the Cards Against Muggles now, shuffle up the deck and have fun game nights filled with entertainment. Let this game be your ticket for the Hogwarts Express. Find out the true muggle that lives within you on this epic journey. Find new friends as you play along and who knows, maybe you’ll also find your Ron and Hermoine.

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