Cardoso reveals Maria’s hope for Argentina to win the FIFA World Cup 2022


Argentina football player Di Maria predicted in a WhatsApp chat with Jorgelina Cardoso that his country would defeat France in the FIFA World Cup final in 2022.

Argentina defeated France 4-2 in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final penalty shootout. Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni had a very important role to play in the victory. Mbappe’s hat trick nearly put the side in danger of losing the final lap. Argentina found the net four times in the penalty round, while France only found the net twice.

Di Maria was another crucial player who scored the much-needed second goal for Argentina in the first half. His strike occurred in the 36th minute, thirteen minutes after Messi’s penalty kick goal. The second goal by Maria gave Argentina a good position in the tournament until the 80th minute when Mbappe charged with full power and scored a penalty kick and a direct shot within 100 seconds.

The game went to extra time, where Messi gave his team the lead in the 108th minute. In the 118th minute, Mbappe converted another penalty for an equalizer.

The last moments saw Martinez save a goal that could have handed France the trophy for the second consecutive time. Argentina put the ball inside the goal four times in the penalty round without missing a beat. France, on the other hand, took an opener from Mbappe before Coman and Tchouaemi missed their shots on target.

Muani scored to bring the total up to one. This was unsuccessful since Montiel scored for Argentina a fourth time. In other words, Argentina held on to its horses and won the FIFA World Cup after 36 years, while France ran out of options.

What is amazing is the fact that Di Maria anticipated the win one day before the big event.

Jorgelina Cardoso, his better half, revealed the screenshot of WhatsApp on Instagram, showing that Di Maria had anticipated the win and his goal before the event began. The screenshot starts on the note where Di Maria says that he will be the champion because it is written at the Maracana and Wembley.

His stand on the outcome turned out to be true. Messi, Molina, and Alvarez earlier scored goals for Argentina. Di Maria’s name was missing from the scorecard. Having that one crucial goal to his name now seems to make everything worthwhile. Argentina came close to winning the trophy without using extra time. Mbappe took charge in the last 10 minutes to completely turn the table around.

The penalty was a sure-shot goal. What followed in the next 100 seconds was one of the best displays put up by the French lead striker. An equalizer to the double took the game to extra time and then to the penalty round.

Di Maria’s contribution on the field has been significant throughout the tournament. The second goal in the final can now only be described as phenomenal.

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