Car Removal: Why You Need To Break Up With Your Old  


After all the years serving us faithfully and tirelessly across countless miles on our vacations with friends and family members—it’s finally time: It is now officially safe to say goodbye, my beloved car.

If you’re clueless about how to handle this parting, don’t worry! There are many ways you can get rid of your car in a nearby salvage yard and get extra cash afterward.

Car removal services offer many options to such as buying, scrapping, and recycling car parts. If you’re living in one of the big cities in Australia, you easily benefit from car removal in Sydney and say goodbye to your broken-down car.

Here are some common reasons why car removal is essential and why it’s becoming a popular service in Sydney:

Old and Broken Cars Look Unpleasant and Take Up Space

Let’s face it. A car on its senior years resting in your backyard isn’t exactly a pleasant view. It’s even worse when you leave it on the side of the road where it only takes up space and makes heads turn.

Instead of abandoning them, you can sell the whole car or just the usable parts and scrap the remaining sections.

They Are Dangerous For You and Other People

With thousands of old cars neglected by owners, issues regarding health hazards start to rise. This mainly affects the family members of those who live on the property where the broken car is abandoned.

When the car starts to develop rust, it can be dangerous, especially for small children that may get caught on the metal while playing. They can develop tetanus which is a serious infection that affects the nervous system.

Broken-Down Cars Can Be An Environmental Hazard

Old cars still contain harmful oils, petrol, battery acids, and other dangerous chemicals that create an environmental hazard. These toxic substances can contaminate the surrounding land and air in that area.

These cars may also become a nesting area for rats and other pests that may harm the people living near that location.

After knowing these reasons, you can finally decide that you need the service of car removal in Sydney. If you are wondering about the process and what services they offer, you can read the succeeding sections below.

Car removal companies offer an easy and win-win method of removing old, damaged, and unwanted cars from public and private property. These cars can either be transferred to a car dealer or disassembled to find working spare parts repurposed.

Aside from the instant cash payment, you can get for this service, there other benefits, which include the following:

  • Free towing services
  • Next-day pickup
  • Free cleaning
  • Safe and hassle-free removal
  • Accept old and new car models
  • Accept cars in any condition

The process of car removal is usually simple and straightforward. First, you need to book an appointment with the company. Then, you will be required to give information about your car, including its age, condition, location, and registration papers.

Once they set up a meeting to view the car, the negotiation can start. If you think the price is reasonable, they will proceed with doing the necessary paperwork. After deciding on a schedule, they will pick up your car and pay you in cash or a different payment method convenient to you.

To get a fair deal, you should do your research and compare prices from different car removal companies. Aside from the brand, model, age, and other common considerations for pricing, they should also look into the cars working parts and features such as engine, battery, wheels, and sound system.

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