Canberra Electrician’s Tips for Reducing Your Power Bill


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Connecting to electricity in our homes has never been so easy- unfortunately, it’s also never been so expensive. While we might love being connected to instant and reliable power, we certainly don’t love the price tag. 

Rising electricity costs are crippling homeowners who are already having to contend with higher costs of living. If you are like most homeowners you will probably have an increased dependence on electrical use with more sophisticated devices for comfort, convenience, work and entertainment connected at any one time.

There are a number of different factors that contribute to the energy your home consumes including:

  • Local climate and seasons
  • Property type (apartment, townhouse, freestanding)
  • Property size
  • Home setup and orientation
  • Insulation type including outdoor blinds, shutters and indoor curtain types
  • Appliance sizes, features and energy ratings
  • Personal habits and preferences

Understanding these differences and how they affect your energy bills can help you take control and cut back in ways that won’t sacrifice your lifestyle or comfort. Read on to find out how.

Tips For Reducing Energy Use

Find The Best Energy Deal

If you feel you are already doing a great job through energy-saving habits but aren’t seeing results you might be with a provider that has a high fixed charge. This will be shown on your bill as ‘daily supply’ or ‘service to property’. No matter how much work you do to decrease your energy use through the tariffs, this fixed amount will remain unchanged. It’s worth shopping around and seeing if you can get a better deal.

If that still doesn’t help, talk to a qualified and licensed electrician about a home energy assessment that will identify the features that contribute to high energy bills so you can make some improvements.

Turn It Off At The Wall

One of the easiest things to overlook is plugs left in powerpoints. Even if it’s only a mobile phone cord, it’s drawing power. Get into the habit of switching off anything you are not using and unplug cords from power boards when not needed.

Reduce Your Climate Control

Heating and cooling is essential for comfort but can be the biggest energy costs in your home. By setting the temperature to be comfortable but not extreme, you can save an incredible amount as well as reduce the stress on your heating and cooling systems.

In summer look for a temperature between 25°C and 27°C and only cool the rooms you are using.

In winter between 18°C and 20°C. This might mean you still need to wear a jumper, but the savings are worth it.

Save On Hot Water

You can get a great wash for your clothes on a cold cycle and in most cases, it’s actually better for fabrics.

When it comes to washing clothes and dishes use the eco cycles and only run them when the machines are full. 

Set a timer on your showers to reduce hot water use and change to a low-flow showerhead that gives you a full and luxurious feel for a fraction of the water use.

Stop Temperature Leaks

You use a lot of energy to get your home to the right temperature but leaks through windows and ceilings can really hamper your efforts.

Use effective window coverings to block out hot sunlight in summer and let in warming light during winter.

Quality ceiling insulation isn’t usually expensive and can save up to 20% on cooling and heating costs, especially since it will allow you to leave your climate control systems off during more mild weather.

While there isn’t much you can do to beat the energy price hikes, there is plenty you can do around your home to reduce your energy wastage and limit the amount of money you spend each quarter on your energy bills. It’s important to know that taking any action – even small ones – can really help to make a difference.

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