Canadian Slingo Titles Inspired By Slots


Casino goers around the world look out for new versions of gambling to accentuate their experience. They wholeheartedly welcome every new technology in this regard, as it frees them of the rut and offers a fresh alternative.

Slingo is a hybrid version of slots games UK and bingo. It serves as the best alternative so far for slots and table games. If you also wish to extend your expertise beyond the traditional games, Slingo slots are the one for you too.

The Mechanics behind Slingo Games

As mentioned earlier, Slingo infuses the best of both online slots and bingo. It looks more like a slot but resembles a bingo card as it has numbered positions.

In this, the first slot element comes from the lowest row. When you play at it, this row spins and shows a series of numbers or symbols. If these symbols or numbers match the number on the respective column, the player ticks them off.

Your goal in Slingo is similar to that in bingo. You have to mark off as many win lines as possible to become eligible for the prizes.

Prizes can include bonus rounds as found in slot machines or monetary rewards. Slingo can also feature some wild symbols that allow you to remove numbers, as well as an option to pay extra to keep playing. 

Canadian Slingo Titles Inspired by Slots

A few of the Canadian Slingo titles which are inspired by slot games are:

1.    Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance is a computer styled game that takes players to outer space. With the first spin, you can start your journey.

Only the first row of this game is available for making matches. To open the other rows and to get more spins, you need to match some numbers or symbols.

This game features free spins, joker, blocker and jackpots as well.

2. Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo has many features of a typical slot game, but it has its original features too.

Players have a choice of setting their winning potential and length of three rounds through selecting a particular classic game piece.

They are eligible for winning instant cash prizes when they land on the bonus property.

3. Sweet Alchemy Bingo

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is another Canadian Slingo title inspired by slots. Even though this game isn’t technically a Slingo game, it comes close to being one. It is an entertaining game where you get 4 cards to play at once. When the last ball is drawn you will be given a chance to purchase 13 more balls to play.

4. Super Crossword Slingo

Super Crossword Slingo is a wonderful game for all crossword enthusiasts out there. The game follows an interesting format where you have to expose all 18 of your letters. Once revealed, the row on the prize table has to be filled with all the matching letters to complete the words.

5. Starburst Slingo

Starburst Slingo is a thoroughly entertaining Slingo game. Its regular grid has more winning potential giving players the chance to win instant cash prizes when they land 3 symbols on the reel just like a slot machine.

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