Can you win real money playing slot games?


The question anybody, who is just starting out their slot gaming career, will be asking has got to be whether or not you can win real money when playing no deposit spins slot games. In short, the answer has got to be yes!

There are obviously demo versions of slot games that you can play in which you neither spend nor win real money, but are just used as a reference to what the actual slot game is like itself. But, aside from them, there are so many different ways that you can win when playing both online and in-person slots.

Some slots are easy to understand and have simple rules whereby you spin a wheel and win, or don’t. Others have complex strategies and skills that are required to be in the running for winning real money. We are here to walk you through all the ways that you could win when playing slot games so that you can become the top dog in the casino!

What are the various ways you can win real money whilst playing slot games?

Of course, we do not want to say that you can win real money every time you play a slot game because that would be false. Slot games rely on a system of random number generators, wager odds, and other ways of deciding when a player wins or loses.

But these are the main ways a player can win:

Jackpots The most obvious way of winning real money in slot games is to go for that ginormous jackpot that they advertise. These jackpots are either set by the house or are an accumulation of other punters’ losses (progressive jackpots) and they are the most that you could win when playing slots!
Bonus rounds These little feature rounds allow for players to challenge the slot machine in an extra minigame whereby you could potentially score extra spins, multipliers, and, of course, real money.
Side pots Unlike the jackpot, where you obtain the maximum amount that the slot game offers, side pots are smaller chunks of cash that can range from a penny to the maximum prize. If you win these real cash prizes then you can keep playing it in the game or withdraw it to keep as a bit of pocket money.

Can you withdraw the real money that you have won?

There is a common misconception around withdrawing real money from an online slot site. In a casino, you can simply take your chips to a lender, but online there is a lot of stigma about the legitimacy of taking your money out.

To set aside the rumours, here is how you can exchange your virtual winnings into real usable cash:

  1.       Withdraw the money that you have won from the slot game in the settings/menu
  2.       This should appear in your online casino account
  3.       Simply navigate your mouse over to the account section and click withdraw
  4.       Make sure that you have a bank account connected
  5.       You may have to wait a few days before you see the funds in your bank account

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