Can you prevent health problems using astrology? 


You can have a healthy, active lifestyle with the help of astrology. In addition, we can make specific predictions through astrology because every organ, anatomical structure, and body portion in the human body is naturally influenced by astrological factors.

A person’s health is essential; it takes good health to maintain the body functioning normally throughout the day. Therefore, a primary tool for astrological forecasting is Hindi Kundali. Both your personal and professional lives might be made worthwhile by a kundli in Hindi. Not only does it provide you with information on upcoming events, but it also makes predictions about all of the unexpected ones.

Here are the horoscope issues brought on by weak or unfavorable planets and astrology cures for each planet’s ailments.

Sun: Problems and Solutions

The brain, eye, heart, bones, and bile may all suffer if the sun is weak in a person’s horoscope. Do the following remedies if you notice these issues.

  1. Drink some sugar water before you leave for work.
  2. Skip the meat.
  3. Regularly feed the black cow and monkeys.
  4. Donate clothing in black.

Moon: Problems and Solution

If the moon is afflicted in your horoscope, you may struggle with mental health concerns and become easily irritated. To handle the situation, try some easy solutions.

  1. Perform deeds that will win your mother’s approval and gain her blessings.
  2. Avoid transacting in milk-related matters.
  3. Give young girls candy.
  4. Give food to birds.

Mars: Problems and Solutions

If Mars is weak, your horoscope will portray you as a coward. Surgery and accidents are things you will encounter. Blood loss, a head injury, acidity, an abortion, piles, cuts, burns, and indigestion are some of the health issues you’ll experience. Do the following remedies in certain circumstances.

  1. Give candy to temples.
  2. Plant a neem tree at home.
  3. Frequently feed the cows.
  4. Always carry a red handkerchief.

Mercury: Problems and Solutions

Poor Mercury can cause problems with IQ. Disorders of the neck, voice, and skin are a few of the health issues connected to Mercury. Deal with these challenges while going with the flowing solutions;

  1. Before wearing new clothes, wash them.
  2. Give milk and rice to temples.
  3. Avoid combining meat and alcohol.
  4. Fill a silver glass with water.

Jupiter: Problems and Solutions

If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, you could have liver problems, jaundice, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. To handle the situation, take these steps.

  1. Don a yellow turban or cap
  2. Apply sandalwood paste to the forehead (note the yellow color mark).
  3. Donate bananas or treats to older people and orphans.
  4. Develop a habit of supporting your siblings.
  5. Don gold accessories.

Venus: Issues and Solutions

Venus-related health problems could impact the face, eyesight, kidneys, uterus, and appendix. To fix the issues mentioned earlier, adhere to these instructions.

  1. Never put on dirty clothes.
  2. Always keep a silver coin in your wallet.
  3. Provide seniors and widows with treats.
  4. Use cow ghee in your household and give it to temples.

Saturn: Problems and Solutions

If Saturn is weak in your horoscope, you’ll have long-term chronic health issues like dental troubles, arthritis, leg problems, foot swelling, paralysis, skin diseases, and surgery. Here are the remedies.

  1. Provide shoes to those in need.
  2. Avoid consuming milk at night.
  3. Avoid consuming buffalo milk.
  4. Always carry a few small silver items with you.
  5. Do what you can to help the blind.
  6. Place a honey-filled earthen pot under running water with its lid on.

Rahu: Problems and Solutions

Health problems include phobias, confusion, poisoning, and incurable illnesses resulting from a weak Rahu in the horoscope. Use the following remedies to deal with the issue.

  1. Start feeding birds.
  2. Put on a dark blue cap or turban.
  3. Be a joint family member.
  4. Store water in the southwest corner.

Ketu: Problems and Solutions

A weak Ketu will cause health issues like surgery, foul pox, and stammering. Try these health benefits from astrology.

  1. Give candy to orphans.
  2. Coral beads in red should never be used in ornaments. Do not dress in red.
  3. Keep a silver ball on you at all times.
  4. Keep honey in a silver pot at home.
  5. Provide blankets with black and white checks to those in need.

Bottom line 

A person may benefit from using astrology, a powerful part of science, from diagnosing any health issues or problems that may be troubling them. Additionally, it would offer beneficial treatments and astrological cures for health that might aid someone in recovering from any illness. Once the condition manifests, it is imperative that everyone seeks medical advice and gets a thorough checkup.

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