Can You Install An Ac By Your Own And Is It Worth It?


The installation AC process is very technical, and a professional and experienced AC technician should do it. However, most people wonder whether DIY AC installation is possible. 

The answer to this is no. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced in handling AC systems and electrical equipment, you shouldn’t attempt a DIY AC installation. Actually, most states prohibit such projects, unless one is a licensed AC installer. 

However, there’s one exception to this—simple window AC units, which can be easily installed by anyone who loves DIY projects. 

Who can install an AC unit?

If you want to install a window ac unit, you must understand the law governing the industry. Any equipment with fluorinated gas should be installed by a certified professional, and one who worked for an authorized AC installation company.

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Reasons to avoid DIY air conditioner installation

Some people consider doing a DIY AC installation a good way of cutting costs. However, this is very dangerous and can be very costly—more than it would have cost you to hire a technician. Thus, you shouldn’t attempt a DIY AC installation because of the following reasons:

It can render your warranty void

Warranties are essential for large investments like air conditioners. Thus, attempting to install an AC unit on your own can render your warranty useless, especially if you are not a certified installer. Professional AC installations come with a promise of quality workmanship, as well as a warranty in case something goes wrong. Besides, most manufacturer warranties state that a certified technician should do the installation of an AC. Thus, installing an AC on your own can void your warranty. 

Professional AC installation

A professionally and correctly installed AC is not anybody’s job. If you install your air conditioner without the proper knowledge and tools, you can affect the effectiveness of the system and also lead to high energy consumption. 

Besides, this can lead to costly repairs, especially if you install or attach a component incorrectly. However, hiring a professional AC technician can ensure proper installation, and also give you guidance on how to keep your AC in a good condition. 

Accurate capacity

When you choose to buy and install an AC on your own, you might end up choosing an AC model that doesn’t fit the capacity of your home. Now, if you choose an AC with a low capacity for your home, chances are it will break down, fail to cool your home properly, and lead to increased energy bills. On the other hand, choosing an AC with a larger capacity will cost you more money than you should. 

However, hiring a professional AC technician can help you get a quote for a model that’s ideal for your home. Moreover, you will get a good estimate of the entire cost of installing the AC system. 


The AC technicians at Hartman, Air Conditioning Installation Company agree that DIY AC installation is very dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper training or the right tools for the job. While this seems like a simple job, there have been cases of people getting electrocuted when attempting a DIY installation. Thus, it’s not worth risking your safety and health while you can hire someone to do the job. The money you think you’ll save is not worth that risk too. 

Important things to consider when hiring an AC technician

Hiring the right AC technician is essential for the success of the project. Please note that you will be inviting the technician to your home, and entrusting them to give fair and honest quotes, and also deliver quality results. With that, you should look at the following thing before making your decision. 

Licenses and certifications

Any reputable AC installation company should have their licenses and certifications displayed on their website. Knowing that you are hiring a certified AC technician means you will get services from someone who has passed the quality standards that you need for the job at hand. 


As said earlier, AC installation is a very dangerous job. Thus, it should be done by a technician covered by worker compensation and general liability. Therefore, you should ask the technician to show you a proof of insurance before hiring them. 


Ask the following questions to determine the experience of the technician:

  • How long have you been doing the job?
  • Are you a part-time or full-time contractor?
  • Are you experienced in installing the system I want?
  • Are you experienced in other special areas of AC installation?

At the end of the day, you will need to hire an experienced, full-time AC contractor. And if possible, the contractor should be experienced in handling the specific model you need to be installed in your home. And, in case your AC system has some special features, look for a technician who has handled a similar system before. 

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