Can I get Financial Support in a Domestic Violence Case?


The extent of domestic violence goes far beyond simple “violence.” And it goes without saying that domestic violence has a major impact on the lives of victims, affecting their lifestyles, psychology, and every other sphere of life, including the balance of life and financial viability. 

Domestic violence can lead to major changes in a person’s living arrangements. Someone suffering from domestic violence might have to stop living in the family home to be safe. This would naturally require financial expenses, and a victim might need financial support during this time. 

Quite naturally, seeking financial support when you have an ongoing domestic violence case is quite natural. Under such situations, it is good to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer

In the next part of this article, we have discussed all you need to know about financial support in a domestic violence case. It will help you know your rights and plan the right course of action for a good resolution. 

Are You A Victim of Financial Abuse As Well? 

Domestic violence is generally characterized by physical or sexual assault, willful intimidation, and other abusive behaviours. However, financial abuse can also be persistent with domestic violence, usually including financial control, which can have major financial consequences for the victim.

Here are a few questions that will help you understand if you are a victim of financial abuse. 

  • Does your partner or spouse discourage you from meeting friends and family members?
  • Do you regularly face shaming with put-downs by your partner?
  • Does your partner try to control who you meet, where you go, and what you do?
  • Do they try to stop you from working or going to school?
  • Do they harass you at your workplace?
  • Do they control your access to money?

Financial Support In A Domestic Violence Case

If you are a victim of domestic abuse and planning to quit the abusive relationship — then it’s natural that finances are one of your biggest concerns. It can seem to be overwhelming, particularly when you have a lot of bills to pay and you have not had access to the money of the household during your relationship. 

Under such scenarios, there are several alternatives or sources from which you can get financial support as a domestic violence survivor. In Australia, government agencies, several nonprofit agencies and churches, along with women’s welfare organizations, can offer financial support to such people. 

They also provide safety and security while offering the necessary information on pursuing the right course of action in a domestic violence case. Domestic violence lawyers can be of great help and help you get justice as a domestic violence victim. 

Ending Note

Last but not least, as already said, hiring specialist, experienced and reputable Brisbane family lawyers can help you get the most sustainable solution for a domestic violence case. They are knowledgeable and can handle the case with a multi-pronged approach which also includes the financial aspect. 

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