California Movers provides storage facilities for Bay Area residents


Relocation can be considered to be torture for some, but that is because they believe that they need to do everything themselves. Depending on the situation, it is very likely that people may need a place to store their belongings for some period of time.

Depending on whether they plan on renovating their existing or new place, downsizing so they cannot fit everything that they had in their previous home, California Movers is a reliable moving and storage company based in the Bay Area helping people move short distances, long-distances, and state-to-state. They know that people may need to store their belongings, for that reason they built special features which provides top-notch storage services for people traveling interstate or locally.

While California Movers only focuses in the United States currently and most companies have their own moving companies to help their employees, but if they decide to move around the United States, they can also consider hiring locally.

It can be quite difficult to find neat and affordable self-storage units that are protected around the clock, but California Movers offer public storage in the Bay Area and any other city in the Western part of the U.S. The storage units are easily accessed from any point of the state with a well-developed system of highways and motorways. Customers can find climate-controlled units of different sizes, well maintained and safe, to keep all belongings they have. California Movers allow their customers to choose a unit of suitable size and location for their comfort. There are first-floor climate-controlled units with other amenities including electronic gate and drive-up access, alarm, fence, surveillance cameras, cold storage, etc. The company also guarantees that only the customer will have access to their rental storage unit 24/7.

They want to guarantee customers a smooth and stress-free moving for them. So, they provide their clients with trucks or vans to deliver to the storage unit, unload the belongings, and distribute efficiently. They are all about providing high-quality service and at affordable price.

The storage units they provide range in different sizes between 25 sq. Ft. to 300 sq. Ft from $150-$330/month. Cross-country moving companies have their peak seasons, which would be late spring and summer. The demand for storage units is higher during the period and they cost more money. With regards to the time period of using a storage unit, it is very important to define the rental period from the beginning rather than paying per month.

They also only provide storage facilities to clients who also use their packing/moving services they offer.

While the individual locally can do relocation by just renting a moving van, this situation of moving to a new country is the perfect time to hire a moving company because they help the people do everything without the stress.

As mentioned before, California Movers only focuses mainly in major regions of the United States, they are a very reliable moving company based in San Francisco and aim to introduce an innovative range of long and short distance moving services across the country. From local moving services to long distance moving solutions, moving & storage services, commercial relocation, residential relocation and many more. While managing neighborhood relocation is vey convenient, California Movers are also known for ensuring the overall ease of interstate repositioning. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that they will deliver the items to the destination on time.

In order to employ their services, all customers need to do is go onto their website and enter their exact pick up address, their destination address, and their requested move date. By entering the moving date and type of moving, users can be assured of on-time moving solutions in a seamless manner.

Through their years of expertise in the field of interstate moving, California Movers have also gained the respect of serving high end clients including Sony, Apple, YouTube, Oracle, Sephora, and many more.

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