Budgeting Hacks That Will Come in Handy in Delhi


When you’re in your twenties, money always seems to be in short supply. Either you’re in college trying to stretch your meagre allowance as far as possible, or you’re on a beginner’s salary and you can’t keep track of how fast it runs out. Between shopping, ordering out, hanging out with friends, as well as travel, groceries and the rent of your PG in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, you’re probably overextending your budget every month. Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry about it. We’ve been there too. And that’s why we want to bring you a list of budgeting hacks that will make life a lot easier for you in Delhi. Some of these hacks are geared towards helping you create a budget, while others are more aligned to helping you save money. So, we hope there’s something in here for everyone. Check it out!

Set up a separate savings account or start investing

When you just have one bank account which you’re using to save and spend from, things are bound to get messy. You’re not going to be able to avoid excess spending and you’re not going to have any clarity about how much you’ve saved either. If you’re serious about saving money and sticking to a budget, set up a separate savings account for yourself. This will be an account that you don’t touch, except to transfer your savings every month. And if you don’t like the interest rates of a savings account, you could try investing your cash instead. Set up a recurring deposit so that you’re held accountable and actually manage to save your money.

Plan at the end of the previous month

When you’re planning your expenses (and if you don’t do that already, it’s high time that you start), it’s better to start planning at the end of the month, when you’ll be running low on funds and are more likely to be realistic, than just after pay day when you’re more likely to splurge. Set aside the amounts that you’ll need for essential purchases like rent, food and commute, then demarcate the amount that you want to save. For the rest, it’s best to allocate it in terms of categories like ordering out, entertainment or shopping etc. Don’t forget to have some money set aside in case of emergencies.

Swap to generic brands

One of the best ways of ensuring that you save money and stick to your budget is to cut down on your expenditure as much as possible. And your grocery shopping is a great place to start. A lot of the things we buy, whether they’re food items, home supplies or even clothes, tend to be from high end brands. But paying a higher price doesn’t always mean that you’re getting better quality. So, when it comes to small daily use items, why not consider switching to generic brands instead. Of course if you’re particularly attached to the brand that sells your jeans or your make-up, you don’t need to change those, but you can easily swap the brands of your dishwashing liquid or socks and opt for more affordable ones. These small savings will also add up in the long run.

Opt for experiences over expenditure

Let’s be honest, the number one time that we’re likely to splurge is when we are in the company of friends. But hanging out with your squad doesn’t have to be all about going to expensive restaurants or pricey clubs. Instead, try to prioritise the experience that you can have. You’re in luck because there are tonnes of places to visit in Delhi that are free or very affordable that can be great experiences to share with your friends. Catch a film at one of IHC’s screenings instead of heading to a multiplex, have a picnic at Lodhi gardens instead of going to a cafe or head to old Delhi for a late-night food trail rather than a club. Switching out your hangout spots once in a while will be a great way for you to save money and stick to your budget while exploring more of the city at the same time.

These budgeting hacks will make a real difference to your saving and spending patterns if you give them a chance. Be conscious and make the right decisions, and you’re sure to save up a pretty penny.

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