Brilliant Storage Solutions for Limited Bedroom Space


Storage is one of the challenges in a small bedroom. It can be challenging to keep things organised when you have limited space. However, there are workarounds that you can adopt that will make you store items more conveniently and efficiently. It will help you have a neat bedroom while quickly having access to the things you need.

Have a custom wardrobe

A custom or fitted wardrobe is recommended for a small bedroom. Since it’s customised, you can be sure that you will optimise every inch and corner of your room for its intended use. Moreover, you can decide on its layout to fit your needs and the style you want. Work only with a trusted and experienced contractor to ensure that you get the result you are after.

Use over the door organisers

These door organisers are handy for small areas. They vary in size, so you can have multiple pockets to store various items, including shoes, bags, hankies, and even toiletries. These are huge space-savers since you hang them at the back of the door, which is usually left unused.

Install hooks

Like the over door organisers, you may also install hooks at the back of your door. It lets you hang different things like towels, pants, belts, hats, scarves, and bags. You can also install them in other parts of the bedroom, including empty walls or corners. Again, there are different hook designs to choose from. They are also made from various materials, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics over convenience.

Use clothes racks

Hang the clothes that you often use in the clothes rack. You may also prepare your entire outfit for the week for easy access. Most clothes racks also come with shelving where you can place other things like shoes or folded clothes. Others have side hooks to hang more items like belts, jewellery, scarves, and even umbrella. Plus, these racks are portable, so you can move them quickly to another spot if you rearrange the furniture in your bedroom.

Buy multiple-layer hangers

Another smart way to store your things is to use multiple-layer hangers. Unlike regular hangers, where you can only hang one clothing item, you can hang several clothes with the latter as it comes in more layers. It will take the space of one hanger in your rack, which is perfect for a tight spot.

Install shelves

Make use of empty walls in your bedroom by installing shelves. It can be on top of the headboard of your bed or any available space. Use these shelves to hold your things, including books, bags, or decors. You may also use baskets or boxes to store objects and place them on the shelves.

Get storage boxes

Don’t let the space under your bed go to waste. Purchase storage boxes that will fit there so you can keep your things organised. Get those that come with wheels so it will be easy to pull them out.

Use corner racks

Some racks are designed for corner use. These are smart choices, especially that the corners of the room are often unused.

Keep your small bedroom free from clutter with these clever storage solutions. Be sure to put things back to where they belong to keep everything organised.

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